Jetter/ unclogging a drain

So I have a pipe that needs clearing. ( at my home, I don’t offer drain clearing.) Power wash store sells the nozzles. For anyone with experience what else do I need? It seems pretty straight forward but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks in advance

Depending where it is and what type of drain. Typically you need jetter hose which is smoother than PW hose. If it is a main drain it will be 3/8. You may also need a foot valve and a clean hose to attach it to. No one wants you to drag a sewer hose through the house.,

Thanks for getting back to me. Do you think regular pressure washer hose will do for one or two cleanings?
Like I said, this isn’t a service I offer, and I never take pressure hose indoors for any reason. Just looking to clear a main drain at my home and one at a family members ranch.

Do you clear pipes for a living? just curious?

Often, I clean gutters only to find that the leaders connect to underground pipes that are clogged. Seems like ideal place to jet and I hate leaving the job half done. But I read somewhere that a true jetter has a pulsing action to it that helps to vibrate the hose down the pipe, similar to turning a snake. A regular pressure washer doesn’t have the vibration and the hose could get stuck in the pipe. I don’t know how much of a difference it actually makes. I definitely don’t want 100 feet of hose stuck in an underground pipe, so I’ve been reluctant to try it.

thanks agian. I found a small 50" jetter kit that I think will work.

Pulse valves are to help get around tight bends.
The reason you need a clean hose is because your machine is out side. So you run a clean hose from the machine to where ever you are entering the pipe. Usually that is in the house some where. Then that attaches to a footbpeadal. Put your nasty drain cleaning hose on a reel and carry that in and connect it to the foot pedal. Then your put on the proper head. If you have soft material it is going to power through it. The more pressure/gpm you have the faster it will get the job done. If you have roots then you need a lot of psi and gpm with special heads to cut through them. If you don’t get them cut out then your pipe will clogg again. You can use a hand trigger but it is difficult to work the hose with one hand when you hit the problem areas. You can carry the nasty hose in with out a reel bit when you pull it out it tends to get stuff all over so its better to have a real so you can wipe it off as you reel it in. More than likely the kit you bought will work on soft clogged. Keep in mind if your sewer line is longer than 50 ft then you could have a problem. You want to clean the pipe all the way to the street or the septic tank. Yes I have a plumbing and drain cleaning business as well as pressure washing and soft wash.


Basically, support your local economy. Call a plumber. Go fishing while he does his job.

This place is in the middle of Anza Borrego desert. The main line gets clogged every few months. There’s a pretty hefty fee to get someone to come out there and we like to be self sufficient anyways.

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Thanks for the input. The cheaper kits I see use a ball valve in place of a foot pedal. Do you think it will work? I figure worst case scenario I end up with some extra pressure hose I can use to clear down spouts.

As long as the ball valve is rated for the psi of your machine. It should not blow up on ya.

Gotcha. So the foot pedal is just a trigger. The website selling the kit made it seem like the ball valve/ pedal did something special. Thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.

it is also a safety device, not to mention having both your hands free