Japanese food

A couple of pic from my fav Japanese store.


Those Yakisoba noodles are the exact ones I used this past week with that recipe. A local Asian grocery store had them in the freezer section.

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Bought some ingredients to make mizo soup with wakame…
Also curry rice with onions and
Some sweets for the kids


I love all oriental food. Guess I gotta Amazon it in. No Mercantile store to shop anywhere around here that has anything remotely like that stuff. Y’alls lucky in that way. But I’ll stick to the boonies and have it delivered via lil brown truck. Or I can maybe have the mennonite owner at the Dalton General store stock me some. :thinking:

I 100% agree. I’d be completely fine with living in the middle of nowhere in Alaska and having to have a brown plane drop my packages out of the window. I’d be single if I moved up there though.

We have a pretty decent size Asian grocery store in the city that’s about 30 minutes away. It’s actually small but they sure pack a lot of stuff in there. I’ll mail you anything you want @Hotshot. I’m going to get a recipe written up for the yakisoba I use to eat when stationed in Okinawa. I’ll mail you the ingredients to cook it. It’s not 100% identical to the place we’d always get it from but pretty dang close. I gave up on trying to replicate the recipe and then ran across a video that shows how the same place we’d always get it from made it. The place was off of Camp Schwab in Henoko, Okinawa. I guess the old guy finally retired and they tore the building down.