James Swindells

Please welcome James Swindells of An Extreme Clean in C […]


Welcome Neighboro.

Thank you Alex. Hope you are doing well. Look forward to the convention in August. Hopefully we can meet before then.

James Swindells
An Extreme Clean


Yes absolutely. I’m up at louisburg collage and should be finishing up Thursday then back to residential work on Friday. Do you go to kens shop any?

Welcome James, I will be at the convention in August as well and I look forward to meeting you finally after working together through Sentinel all that time.

Alex, I do not get to Ken’s very often. I say 95% of our business is exhaust cleaning and the other 5% is work for our clients while we are there. I do once in awhile moonlight on the side during free time power washing homes in my neighborhood. LOL

HEY Trey, Hope all is well with you and your family. Yes looking forward to the convention in August and all the info that will be available. This will be my first time attending so I am really excited.