James Hardin cement fiber siding?


Anyone done a house wash with this type of siding? Is it soft wash safe?




Manufacturer is saying they don’t recommend and it could fade the siding ?


Read the entire thing. Siding is made of cement. It can’t fade. Paint can but that is a different story. Any paint can fade if you do something wrong. I’ve washed a few thousand houses and apartments with hardie plank.


Agreed. As long as you take standard precautions you are merely pressure washing exterior home paint. Not going to hurt it. I would wash top down however just in case the installer didn’t do a good job sealing the overlap.

Apex Pressure Washing


I learned a long time ago on some of my stuff…I am not washing anything from the top down.


I have few firing offences other than nor using a ladder stabilizer and for washing from the bottom up. Waste of time and chems


Good idea on the ladder…not so much on the washing…little difference.

Retired from a production that involved a lot of process washing…there is no meaningful difference in time or chemical required.

The difference is in the application…not the direction…for the same results, you apply differently going up than going down.

You will respond with your “take” on this…but it just ain’t so.


If you’re happy go for it. Just stating what I do.


James Hardie Siding’s Color is baked on. Once you install it, it never has to be painted again. Whoever told you this is wrong, plus i read this article to back up this information . . . https://conservationconstruction.com/james-hardie-siding-fiber-cement/. If you do the research you know this to be the case


Never? That’s a long time! I have a cement based siding on my house but am not sure of the manufacturer. It definitely needs painting.


Hi new person. Your wrong but nice college try. Read the article you posted. Not very much Hardie board comes prepainted. The majority of it is painted on site and had to be painted every 5 years or so. The baked in paint is a flat/dull and most people paint it after it starts to fade. Welcome aboard.


On a real note though, after reading this thread I found out some people don’t wash from top down. I didn’t know there was another way


Is that Jenny from the block?


Rucker, Espec, and others without a lot a real world experience actually teach folks to wash from the bottom to the top


I’ve started washing from top down and never had any issues so far


If your a, pre wet the wall guy, it doesn’t matter top to bottom. Might not matter anyway.


Labor, chems and time are too precious of commodities to pre wet siding


It is a must in the summer heat. I’ve had my soap dry to the vinyl before I finished soaping the wall. Once it dries to the vinyl you have to resoap to get it off. I didnt know it till the siding was dry.