Ivy on Stucco

I have this client that has fake Ivy residue on her stucco. I’ve used the search button to look for something but there’s really not much on the topic. I haven’t tried anything on it yet, so maybe even something as simple as my regular house wash mix will do the trick, but in case it doesn’t, I wanted to be prepared. Any suggestions?

What the heck is fake ivy residue? Got a pic. Is it the coloring?

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Loosen it up with SH and carefully take it off with pressure.


Basically something like this. It could’ve been real ivy, the home owner doesn’t really know. A lot of homes around here use that ivy on stucco bc it looks pretty good, but when they decide to get rid of the ivy, there’s always these roots that cling on to the stucco/siding. I’m thinking strong SH mix and scrub?? maybe use a caustic? the’re planning a painting afterwards.

yeah thats the plan so far. Probably gonna do some scrubbing too

I wouldn’t touch it. There are a lot of things that could go wrong there. let the painter prep their own work

I think they’re gonna try and paint the area themselves… i know

Just let the client know that that Ivy roots itself into the surface and whatever you do you can’t fix that.
Prepare it for painting. :slight_smile:

It won’t come off 100%. I scraped and wire brushed them off asbestos siding before. There is always a little stain or bump left. If your painting then maybe you can hide it a little. I wouldn’t scrape or wire brush stucco though.