It's like a vacation

to wash this house :smiley:


took two days to do all the sidings, concrete (6 pieces), and about a million steps, and a lot of glass…
Break time was like a weekend picnic
Vancouver is beautiful :grinning:


Wow,what a house ! Nice spot to.

Awesome house and wonderful view. The view by the sea reminds me of the trail we’ll be taking next weekend in GA. Just need to finish installing the railings, truck headache rack and a couple of led lights on the Ram project.
There seems lots of other house that you could offer your service.

Beautiful house!
I always wonder though… If i had enough money to buy a house like that you wouldn’t be able to see my neighbors. Maybe im a hermit lol

I’m with you grizz I want 100 acres and put my house in the middle

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With a river running through it or atleast a large creek lol

That would be just fine with me

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