It's just me

Many of you know me from other pressure washing BBS and for those who don’t a little about me and our lil company.

My wife and I are the owner of Karvonen’s Pro Clean located in Tifton,Ga. We are mainly a commercial concrete cleaning business,but are extensively experienced in residential,wood resto,roof cleaning,as well as,window washing. The wife handles all of our office duties while I handle the bidding and on site labor.
In the 10years since we started our company we have seen all the ups and downs most small businesses can face.We are still here and while there hasn’t been huge growth the last few years due to the economy we have survived.Our current current customer base is about 90% restaurants woth cleaning schedules ranging from 7 day to 90 day service.

Hey Scott,

Look forward to reading your post here!

I’m glad you’re here so that we have a commercial concrete cleaning specialist in the house!