It's getting stale around here

The last pic is my favorite in all the world


Interesting- I’m the opposite. I live about 4-5 hours away from salt water now, but grew up in the Northeast. I never really cared much for fresh water fishing, really miss deep sea fishing though. Lots of memories filling garbage cans with mackerel and pollack.

“aliens from outer space are invading!”

“this bird is fat because it ate too many worms for supper”

“When i’m fishing with dad”

This one i keep in the truck…

Also i had never noticed there was a pirate’s treasure chest on that lake’s beach.



I finally found all my old photos. I’m itching for duck season to start if you couldn’t tell


which duck is the good ones? all?
I’ve never had such that i know of. gator rattler bison, and kangaroo, yes.

That one in the pickup has seen some good days I bet. Just about the only dogs I’ve ever had were labs. Owned one Springer, who was a good pet, but not a great hunter and a Boykin, who was a good hunter, but pretty hyper all the time. Have probably owned a dozen labs and hard to beat for ducks.

Am an avid duck hunter, more so when I was a younger because a good friend of mine owned a historic rice plantation down on the coast that had over 600 acres in rice fields they flooded every year. Fantastic hunting. Turkey sold it about 10 years ago. The past 10 years or so, hasn’t been that good of hunting down here anywhere for ducks.

Labs are the only dog I will own man. They are just amazing. One of my buddy’s dogs Dozer had to be the most incredible animal I’ve ever seen.
We were right on the border of VA and NC a couple miles away from the coast and it was the coldest its been all year at a solid 20 degrees. The lake we were hunting was froze up an inch thick. We get all set up, break the ice, decoys etc, and wait. Group of ringnecks come in zeroed in on what felt like my head but about 40 yards out they pulled a U-turn. We’re all looking around trying to figure out what happened when my buddy points towards a decoy on its side. I volunteer to go fix it and break some ice cause I was getting cold. I was about halfway there when Dozer got permission to help me break ice. Dozer swims past me, straight for the decoy, breaks the ice around it and uses his paws to fix the decoy upright. Swims past me and looks at me like “dummy” and gets back in the blind. We smacked the next group of ringers to come in and dozer got every single one through heavy ice.

I still can’t believe that dog sometimes.

Here he is with some ducks and his girlfriend


What do you mean by good ones? Mergansers are pretty but bad to eat. Wood ducks are beautiful and good to eat

Heres a painting of a wood duck I did a few weeks ago. Really beautiful ducks


Since it’s pouring out, here is my .02

Old people are funny. Customer had me come out and do an estimate, I thought I gave her a decent price for the work I would be doing. $300 for a big old house 2.5 stories with an addition, and a garage addition and some concrete cleaning in two areas. Older lady, husband died, kids all over the country. She tells me she used to wash the first story by hand with a bucket and ladder and a rag, but she can’t do it anymore. She wanted to wait for about 2 months while she got money together for the wash, not a problem, call me when you are ready. Get a call 3 months later asking when am I coming. Ok, my fault, I apologize. I say I can come in 3 days, and that I’ll be there between 0830 - 0845. She says that is too early and that she would have to get up early. Not a problem, I’m a part timer, I’ll be there at 1000. The day of service I get up, drink coffee, mess around with trailer and SH tank, pull weeds in the flower bed, but I am getting bored and it’s still not 0900. Go back inside, about 15 minutes later I get a call. Are you coming? I laugh, yeah, I’ll be there soon.

I fixed her gutters the following day, some didn’t have screws in them and the sections were coming apart while I was cleaning (didn’t have self tappers and drill with me). Took about 20-25 minutes to screw come sections together and fix some brackets. She wanted to pay me, I told her give me $5 for gas and we are good. She started giving me a laundry list of things that need fixed, I started laughing.

I’m sure everyone here who works for older people get the request for additional work, I just got a few chuckles out of this lady.


25 days to go.


I’ve never eaten or hunted duck. so just wondering if there specific kind of duck that’s the best.

Its up for grabs but puddle ducks like wood ducks, mallards and black ducks taste the best. Out of those three the wood duck tastes the best to me. They’re also the prettiest duck I’ve ever seen. Mandarin ducks are beautiful but you can’t hunt them and I’ve never laid eyes on one.

These are some pictures of the most beautiful duck God’s let me bring down to earth. Shot him right above my head and he landed in the atv trail behind me, never hit the water. Sitting in my freezer waiting for a wall mount right now!