It's corn!

Just a fun FYI

For those of you who are too busy making a living to notice these things, this kid’s interview went viral, they made songs about it, people sing about it, and there are tshirts you can buy with his sayings. The kid’s diction, couple with his love of corn is rather contagious. My kid is a sophmore in college and the kids there are using it often. Be careful about listening to the song, it can give you earworms.

Song version of interview


That’s funny. Reminds me of this song. Warning: if you’ve never heard this song you may experience nonstop singing it for the next three weeks.

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Man. Brushy one string is a cultural icon.

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:joy::joy::clap::clap: fantastic! What an amazing kid.

I told my wife she had to watch this video about a little kid liking corn. She’s like, that’s been all over the Internet for the last month, how have you missed it. I dunno, I just watch stuff that pops up in my feeds. She said feeds are based on what you search for or watch. All of my feeds are about welding cool stuff, nascar, a lot of ads for shotgun chokes, but nothing at all about pressure washing or little boys liking corn.