It wont stop leaking

this stain( bottom right of window) keeps comming back any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Wipe it with a microfiber towel.

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I did then it rains and the stain comes back

Those windows have small drain ports in the bottom corners. I can’t zoom in quite enough to tell but it looks like it might be coming from those. If so you’ll need to raise the window and clean inside the bottom rails Edit: that window does not raise :joy::joy::joy:

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Well dang. I don’t have a better option for you amigo

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Well you take the shutter down may be some junk behind it. It reall could be some junk on top of the fypon. What a PIA

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Once you cleaned it , collect money and move on.

I couldn’t imagine going to a car wash and then the next time it rains go back for free wash because the car got dirty.


You cant help that. Its beyond your scope it could be water intrusion.

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Just about all the car washes around here have a 72hr rain guarantee. You just have to keep your receipt. They end up getting more business having this guarantee and then I bet only 2% come back to take them up on it.

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thanks for all the replies, much appreciated

Never heard of that before. Usually right after I wash my car and I drove 5 miles down the road it’s dirty again.

Could you imagine if your cash was had a rain guarantee in Florida. One car wash would be good for the year lol

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Just like the lifetime warranties from AutoZone… they never come back.

I would venture to guess that this window is over a tub in the master bath? Building codes require that bedrooms have windows that open to allow egress, but not all states require that in bathrooms. I agree with @Hotshot-washing that this is coming from the drain ports. I can see the water trail from the drip port and over to the trail. What I would do is offer to go up into whichever room it is to get to the interior of this window and clean out the frame track. Pour some soapy water or even some diluted detergent and flush with water to get the drains cleared out. Apparently there is something in there that is draining back when you wash and bringing with it materials to cause the stain.

This is not something that is a result of your efforts however, and I would definitely charge the client for the extra steps of detail cleaning their window track drain ports. Maybe an extra $20, or however much you charge for 30 minutes worth or work would be fair.


I’m in FL…we have them; same thing. Keep receipt.