It was a good day until

Last job of a good day and I look over and the ladder is not there :confused:


Always a bad time when on a roof with no ladder but from what I’ve seen on the forum you’re pretty good at getting off a roof with no ladder right?


lol smartass, I would slide off it but it’s asphalt!


Are you posting from the roof, hoping someone will come put your ladder back? :rofl:

SOS…Gainesville fl…come quick


hook it with your belt or hose

The hose is on the ground and my waist is at most 34" :confused: no way long enough.

That would suck. Good thing the trash can caught it before it busted those pipes.


Guess you’re gonna have to camp out up there tonight.

Yeah, it sucks, I’m getting hungry :frowning:

You know what needs to be done.



Take a large spring clamp and drill a hole in one of the handles. Run a short piece of Paracord through the hole and tie a carabiner on the other end of the Paracord. Then just make a loop around the ring nearest to the gutter and put the clamp on the gutter. Should be plenty to keep it from falling all the way over.

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Oh for crying out loud Gary!! Again!!

Instead of a step ladder to get on a roof, try a ladder with stabilizer/stand offs and when possible you can even tie each side to the gutter spikes, for example when it’s very windy.

Do the gator chomp and make grunting sounds and hope someone from the swamp sees you that isn’t a Seminole.:rofl: @garry.cooper

ikr! Could have been worse, raining and lightning…im blessed :wink:


That’s a good idea!

We don’t usually use the A-frames much, this was a last-minute touch up and the other ladders were put away.

That’s funny!

Are the noles still in the league?! lol

Yeah I know better. We have more extension ladders and stabilizers then I can count.

Last night wasn’t too bad, but it’s starting to get warm this morning.