It is sunday... somewhere

I am sure… dont argue, enjoy!!


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Golly gee, that looks good @Ikii !

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:pensive::pensive::weary::weary::weary: i still haven’t ate since yesterday. Wife went with a friend to the pound to rescue cats and dogs to deliver to people. They are clearing them out to take in animals affected by the hurricane.

You don’t know where your kitchen is? I think you’ve still got a couple packs of crackers in my truck I can bring you.

You better eat before she comes home with 10 cats and dogs to keep at your place. Won’t be any food left.


Well she brought me Chinese. @SchertzServicesLLC i seen a small blue hoodie beside the stove. Sorry for your lose. Now she is cooking me bratwurst.


No cats or dogs think god. She said yhey was pretty much cleaned out which is a good thing.

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