Issue with re mounting PW :/

So I built a platform to take my pw off its wheels but my problem will be securing it to the table. The bolts that are on it aren’t long enough and there isn’t enough clearance to put longer bolts thru to make it thru the 2x8s…
The only idea I’ve came up with would be to tighten the bolts upside down thru the bottom so I have clearance thru the frame and wood? Idk if that would suffice being they are upside down but with a washed thru it could that work ?

Real basic table the hose reel will go on the opposite side if I can get the pw onto it first :/.
Anyone with a lil know how would be greatly appreciated as I’m winging it to the fullest on building stuff !!!

Run the bolts up from the bottom and put the nuts on top. I’d put another 2x4 towards the bottom for more support. As mentioned in your other thread I’m not a fan of wood for engines but it will help if you use glue wherever you screw it together. Liquid nails will work too.

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That’s what I was thinking was upside down… what do you mean another 2x4 by the bottom :thinking: going across the width from leg to leg or ?

I’d assume you’ll have those 2x4 “legs” attached to the trailer, so they should be fine. Wouldn’t hurt to screw a piece of lywood ver them to avoid lateral movement though.

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Yeah once I put it in trailer I’m secure in place somehow haha. And you mean a small board in-between the legs essentially connecting the legs so there is no movement correct??

Something to that extent??

yeah, that would serve the same function

Ok yeah I got the legs screwed in from the top and side but was still thinking of adding something to that effect for stability…I’m terrible at building haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. So a whole lot of let’s hope this works is my way of doing it as I learn better ways

You will be much happier if you use the wood for a wood project and use a metal skid for the washer


Probably:/ haha I think this will go down right side of trailer and mount hose reels to it and keep pw on cart for now idk honestly. :neutral_face: I’m going to go over it a thousandore times in my head probably haha. Yeah the metal skids are about 150ish I believe for the few I’ve seen here and there.
Can the metal skids be mounted onto trailer thru the 4 feet ??

I have seen a number of people keep their pressure washer on their cart and fixing their cart to their truck / trailer etc.

I would worry about the legs holding up due to vibration over time.

That’s how it is now and that’s how it might have to stay for the time being :confused: I’m going to reinforce the legs and mount reels to it most likely. When I can ill probably order a skid plate for gx390 but until then looks like back to the ratchet tie downs lol

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Also I’ve seen pictures where this 90 elbow is kinda angled towards the inlet hole and pictures how it is like this… does this matter it came like this , I guess best way to find out is just take quick connect off my swivel side and try it…
I have 100’ single wire and 50’ of the double monster hose and not sure which to put at beginning thinking of trying the 50 but with their ends it might be to much of a challenge to thread. Probably will be best to put the 100 at bottom and replace the 50 with another 100’ and keep that double wire as backup

Whoops didn’t upload picture

Not trying to be a Debbie downer. That reel is useless. It is so much cheaper to buy correctly the first time. Nothing wrong with not knowing what is correct or not, but researching to find out before you buy, and then buying correctly saves time and money.

Well was hoping this would suffice for a while :confused: hmm i can send this back and afford one of the cheaper cox reels right now found a 250’ one I was looking at.


Haha well depending on what the company I got it from apparently might charge a 20% re stocking fee , after shipping and that i might be stuck with it :sweat_smile: . Basically I’m learning that attempting to skimp here and there is stupid and a Bite in the tail hah. If I didn’t enjoy this line of work it might be irritating but happily learning thru the mistakes!!

If you are only going to be in business for awhile, keep it. If you plan to be in business for a long time, but equipment that will last a long time. Get a Hannay 1500 series for under $300, use it as a pressure reel for a decade, then as a garden hose reel for another decade. Buy now what you think you will need 5 years from now. It’s cheaper that way.


I started with Cox Reels and they lasted one season before they literally just crumbled and fell apart. All my reels now are Hannay 1526-17-18 and I will never buy anything but. Check out


I’m so jealous…ours for the 8’ truck bed are aluminum and run us a hair over $4k each :unamused:

Ouch I’m talking about just the aluminum plate with rubber feet !! Not a complete skid setup haha
Also kinda janky gotta put the swivel side into hose reel haha glad I got one on ball valve

That depends…we don’t really run anything through the hose reels anymore.

What you mean ? You start with a whip line into the reel then put your hose connected to that? Or maybe I misunderstand how you mean.
Thanks lol :slight_smile: