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Hey people,

I ordered the online courses on web store on the 5th. Paid with a debit card, money was taken from my account. I didn’t receive access to the online courses. Sent an email, no response so far. Called yesterday, no response. Anybody know what’s up over there? I thought they were reliable folks.

I wouldn’t order an Oring from there. Good luck.


I wouldn’t order a single roll on teff tape from them. :joy:


I order almost all my supplies from them why don’t some people like them?

Big vendors/contractors have sold these ,clubs, courses as a way to make more money then they could just selling their products, while most also wash. You’ll find a lot of contractors on here don’t agree with that. You’ll also find that a lot of these same vendors/contractors have terrible customer service.


Would you support someone that sold out your industry to make bucks? Supported orgs that are been on raping contractors? Supported giving bmps to cities so they could sell reclaim equipment?


Could you give some specific examples? One of the few things I have not gotten from is my reclaim system, but I have seen a video from saying the best reclaim system can be sandbags and sump pump.

It really is a huge racket scam, for lack of a better description. PWNA and UAMCC go into towns pushing for bmp’s to be mandated. Why? So their sponsors can make more money off reclaim equipment and classes, in order to pay them more. My county’s pressure washing bmp’s has the PWNA stamp at the bottom, and even stated they were the ones that they originally had talks with about them. Not even supposed to wash sidewalks without reclaiming, even if you use no chems. Otherwise, it’s a $2k fine and up to 60 days in jail. The Hinderliter father/son duo is a whole other story in itself.


Well, whoops. I hope I’m just being a bit paranoid with my scam concern so that I’m not actually out 457 bucks and the people are just busy for one reason or other. The thing I don’t like is the no communication bit. I called them yesterday around 4pm and a lady answered but she didn’t seem to know much, not that that is on her.

If she answered the phone, she should know everything related to the business and is working for

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Robert H stood in the parking lot with a bull horn calling contractors to look at the reclaim equipment he was selling. Where, Charlotte NC. Why, because the org that he created, UAMCC, showed up to influence the bmp writing process.

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That’s a bit unrealistic for any company. I spent 15 years in commercial property management and the person answering the phone was always the least experienced/lowest position person at the property. They really only existed as an operator to transfer to someone who did know more.

I have done a lot of business with and I will confirm their communication can be severally lacking at times, but I absolutely do not believe they are a scam.

The link above is the power wash requirements for Fort Worth Texas which is the location of

We are familiar with it. Robert wrote it. Most of us have been following this tragedy for a long time and fighting against it.

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I don’t see problem with the ordnance most everything can be done with oil socks and silt filters if not using chems. We should not be putting chems down are storm drains that’s just common sense.

You’re missing the point here. Continue supporting a company that will do shady things to make extra money off of you and your company. There are many other places you can get your supplies where they look out for your best interest instead of doing what has been stated above. Your choice, you look like you have your mind made up.


I’m not seeing the shady things your talking about. Look I have no stake in and as stated above their communication is terrible at times, but I just haven’t seen any examples of shady or unethical behavior.

If someone can give concrete actual examples I would gladly rethink using them as my supplier

I’m not here to give you the examples I’d just read what was stated above and you should understand. If not, read it again… Imagine not being able to wash a sidewalk without chems in your area without some sort of reclaim because this company approached your state in regards to reclaim only so they can make more money off of you. It’s not hard to understand.


Search Robert H on this forum, or any forum. If you can’t read what is typed above it may not enlighten you though.


Until someone can show me the fact that has actually written or lobbied cities to make laws that directly add to their bottom line it’s nothing but rumors and gossip.

In their home city of Fort Worth TX everything can be done with sandbags and a sump pump which is sold everywhere or oil filters and silt filters also sold everywhere.

Saying I’m not here to give examples but stating that someone or something is shady is in itself a shady comment. If we are going to accuse people we should absolutely have concrete examples