ISO 55 gal Ace Roto-Mold vert. tank (No Bung)

A.R.M or whoever the parent co. I talked to said 6-8wks production made to order. PWS wants the price of the tank for shipping… when asked ab shipping time being sooner,
since they make their skids in house ,they went silent. Any body on here got one they wanna sell? I’m using a plastic drum for now but wanna upgrade.

You can buy a cover for a plastic drum without holes. Is that what will help?


Find out if they can give you cheaper freight for shipping to a commercial location. Then schmooze your local hardware store into receiving it for you.

Also, have you contacted anyone at PlasticWaterTanks/PlasticMart about getting the tank without a bung?

@Redjess yea Den Hartgog , ace Roto mold in Iowa. Thats what I have now is the plastic drum with holes on top.

@Infinity i gave them a commercial address, and 2 residential addresses to run and told him to give me a price on bands and that I had some injectors and Chem filters saved in cart to add to the order I just wanted to know shipping time… he told me he thought it was 7-10days, That was wed.
PWS in North MS. is right outside Tupelo, I even tried to save some $$ and have my dad pick it up there on the way down Memorial Day.
Pro tank was cheapest on freight $70 if we picked up in Memphis but a 6-8 wk production time. I have a feeling they put their foot in their mouth and the lead time was the same as pro tank so they went dark.
Sorry I know that was long

If it were me, I’d go for whoever had the lowest price including freight, and just use a drum while I waited the 8-10 weeks for my tank to arrive.

@Infinity Yea we tried to go with pro tank first, 129.00+ 70.00 freight, yet again communication stopped. Emails, receptionists telling us they would pass along to service mgr. Receptionists not answering the phone. That was 2 weeks ago. Now Powerwash store is doing the same thing. But yea looks like the only option.

I was just hoping somebody was getting ready to upgrade to a larger chem tank lol.

Only other option I can think of is find someone that has one with the bulkhead, and then hire a plastic fabricator to weld the hole shut.

Yea I have the romotech 50gal with the bung. 100% siliconed. And then got inject plastic works to weld it. Unfortunately the guy went nuts and threatened my wife for saying God Bless and he’s the only licensed plastic fabricator within a 100 mile radius of me.
Otherwise I’d go to Tractor and price match a 65 gal $149.99 with the bulkhead and have him weld it. I’m gonna call both back today and try to get it ordered.

These are what Im referring to. And theres another band clamp version like the metal drum uses Ijust forgot where I saw those at.

Here they are also ebay lid with leverlock.

@Redjess I’ve got two 55 drums now with locking lid like this. One for storage and one for the trailer.
I can get these clear with lid, the 12 gal blue jerricans, and 275 or 335 gal ibc totes for free.
I just didn’t mind paying the extra $$ to save some space and look a little “cleaner” for a job I have coming up soon.

Oh ok. Id check on offerup in your area using “tank” or " container" as keywords. Ive been offered those rotomolds for free.

Call and ask for Chance at ProTank in Memphis. Good guy and has always taken care of me. You can’t avoid shipping unfortunately, and some times the production time isn’t the best, but he has always taken care of me. Your profile says your from Florida, but your talking about PWS in North MS and Memphis. Are you still in Florida or are you around the North MS area?

@SurfaceMedic born and raised Memphis TN southaven area. Moved to FL about 7 yrs ago. I still have family in Senatobia and Southaven. And I know a sales manager and a receptionist up at Pro tank in Olive Branch as well I’m gonna order through them next month just because I know what they stand for but thanks for the heads up.

Good deal man. Just curious. I’m in Madison. I have spend MANY day in the Southaven area (and the rest of the Southeast!) when my oldest was playing travel ball.

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Protank in Olive Branch was able to beat vendor pricing and online stores, saved me about $250 for both. Glad I stuck with them.
I also know now that a couple friends and parents of friends work there.

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