Is this worth the money?

Hey guys. Looking to start doing a little pressure washing on side for extra cash. Was about to but a predator 4 2gpm or something else in that 800-1k ball park On a pressure washer but came across this used one for $275. Any advice. It’s a dewalt dxpw3835.

He says it runs good. Well maintained and no problems with pump.

Lots of good info in this thread

Not really a good place to attach the rope

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As long as the machine is functioning as it should, it’ll help you wash a house. If going this route, I’d suggest a downstream injector kit, a jrod, and probably another section of hose or two as the guy selling it may only have the original 50-ft hose with it. You’ll be limited on what size surface cleaner you use if you want to use one - you’ll likely need a 12”-15” for this machine and a good pre/post treatment.
I ran my DeWalt branded washer for over a year before taking off the cart and mounting it in the back of my truck for space saving purposes. I’ve modified how I mounted it several times to figure out what works for me and my setup. Still use it almost every weekend. It’s not a commercial machine and isn’t intended to wash houses every day, but it has helped me to provide extra money for my family without having such a hefty initial investment. I’ve never used a larger unit so I can’t speak from experience, but I believe one of the largest trade-offs of not having a larger unit is that there is supposedly more time spent on rinsing as well as not being able to move as quickly with a surface cleaner. Be sure to consider these as well as other advice the more experienced guys will offer when making your decision.

You gotta tell us what is going on here…

@Infinity like everything else I’ve done, it’s all a budget build. Two garden hose reels from Lowe’s that can swing out. I thought I’d mount them to swing out over the side of the truck bed, but ended up not doing so. Originally about $90 each at Lowe’s, but picked them up on end of season clearance for about $35 each.
Bottom reel is obviously supply line and it is plumbed through the reel into my direct drive pump. I’ve updated to a 5-ft Flexzilla leader.
Top reel holds my 100-ft pressure hose easily, and is not plumbed through the reel. I pull the hose off the reel completely before washing.

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Does this seem like a good buy


It’s a 3800/3.5gpm, it will get you started. Keep in mind you will have to ensure the inlet water flow must be at least 4gpm (verify with a bucket and a timer) and know you will have to hit the trigger every 30 seconds to keep from overheating the pump. I used one similar to this for about 8 months.

I’m a little skeptical about the price though. Most of these are going for $600 used, make sure it works properly. Have him hook up water and pressure hose and run for a few minutes.

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One thing to consider is the pump requires you to stay on the trigger or run on an open ball valve to keep from over heating. As long as it shoots water good it is the very minimum model i would suggest anyone starting with. Take it from a guy whose first PW was a 2.4 gpm 3k psi model. Took me one driveway to go out and get a 4gpm. Now running a 5.5 and it is the sweet spot for house washing and residential concrete. Good luck

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Yeah the price has me thinking to good to be true.