Is this siding bleached?

I get a call the other day and the customer asks if I use bleach because the last guy bleached his siding. I said I would like to have a look at the issue and let them know how we could help.

When I get to the house, I see this…

…It is like this almost entirely across the bottom 3-4 feet of siding. You can see it best in this pic. Bottom of windows and down = bad, bottom of windows and up = ok. I run my finger across multiple spots on different sides - no oxidation.

Is this an example of bleached siding? Did the last guy not rinse good enough? Did he use too strong of a mix? Did he let it dry?

I realize that only the guy who did the job can probably answer this question for sure, but what is everyone’s thoughts? Have you seen this before? Is there anything to be done to restore it or at least make it look better? The customer isn’t expecting me to remove it or improve it in any way, but I thought I would check with you guys to see what could possibly be done.

I have no idea. However, is it odd that the issue is lined up so well with the bottom of the window with mysterious stains beneath it?

I can’t see how any chemical would leave a sharp line like that. The only thing I have seen that leaves a line like that is flood water. Any chance it was under water? When they washed the flood garbage off, it exposed the siding damage. The previous guy washing the house did nothing wrong. That’s my shot in the dark theory.

Its Rust… Look at the concrete below. Previous guy probably washed all the algae/dirt away and it wasnt visible before. Spray it with hydrochloric acid (Muriatic acid, hardwares, lowes, home depot carry it) …if it turns green its rust. There are other ways to remove rust but that is my go to…takes 5 seconds to work.

To me it looks like the guy may have sprayed SH on it at first, but then rinsed with high pressure for the first few feet then as he went higher less pressure wash hitting the wall.

But ask the home owner if there was rust there and the last guy did a rust removal job as well.

I’m curious to know what you find out.

@OCDmike, I can’t tell from the picture, is the outside corner trim stained to that same line as well? The rust at the bottom almost makes me think there is something under the siding, outside the vapor barrier, running down. Is the window all vinyl?