Is this pressure washer good enough to start a business?

My dad has a Whitco Stinger hot water pressure washer that he no longer uses because he has been out of the business for quite a while. It is only 1500 PSI and 4GPM. Is this good enough for a house wash and concrete? I was thinking maybe since it’s hot water it would make up for the lack of PSI and be able to clean concrete but I really have no idea. I plan on buying the 15" $60 surface cleaner as long as the pressure washer is strong enough for it.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any helpful information!

NO…you need to buy another machine.

What would be the minimum specs that I should look for?

The general rule of thumb for flatwork is 2500 PSI for residential, 3000-3500 PSI for commercial.

For house washing, 4 GPM is the recommended minimum, with 5.5 and 8+ better.

Can you clean houses and driveways with that machine? Yeah, but it’s not optimal, and you might run into flatwork where the 1500 wont cut it. What’s the size of the engine on it?

Thanks for the reply. I’m unsure of the engine I’ll have to check the sticker for that info tomorrow, but the machine is worth about $1200 according to online listings. I could get a pretty nice washer(higher psi) for that price so I’m not sure why this one is so costly at only 1500psi? Must be just because of the hot water feature.

Certainly the burner is the reason for cost. I have a 4gpm 3500psi machine and for flatwork I still want more flow. Save up and get a 8gpm.

Look on Craigslist or OfferUp for a good 3500psi 4-5.5gpm if your in a rush to get going or on a budget for now.

I’ve made about 10k on the side with 2 4gpm machines in about 3-4 months

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