Is this hose damaged?

Hey guys so I got this hose from someone it’s supposedly brand new. However I saw somethings that looked like cuts / gouges in it. Being new I’m not sure if that hose is good to use or completely damaged and dangerous. Let me know what you think.


Dangerous lol we bust hoses weekly. Well if you spray SH in the grass you may want to stand there 10 mins and dilute it really well. Run it!

Looks like it rested on a pressure washer’s hot muffler a few times.

More than likely just rubbed on something rusty


Question, why would you want to run double wire braided hose? Do you lift bro?


My PW is 4400psi. There were two options 4000 or 6000 psi. So I could be mistaken but I thought I had to get a 6000psi hose due my PW being over the 4000psi hose rating.

Is it a gx390 saying 4400 psi and 4 gpm?

It’s a Simpson 4400psi 4gpm

He’s asking what engine is on it and on the hoses they have a huge safety rating. The 4k lb hose has a burst rating of 12k, 400 measly psi isn’t going to destroy a hose and besides you’re not getting anywhere close to 4,400 at the gun that’s what matters because that’s the psi it’s operating at