Is this a pipe dream or is this real..... does anyone have one

Just saw this and I’m just curious does anybody have one of these and does it actually put out at least 10 gallons a minute at 3000 psi

That engine has 27hp compared to a 22hp gx690 which is capable of 8@3000 so I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

There’s a formula somewhere around here for determining the hp you need to put out xgpm at ypsi but just looking at it I would think it would get close to 11.

GPM x PSI ÷ 1100 = required hp

To effectively utilize 11 gpm, you’ll need to use 1/2” pressure hose. The pressure loss with 3/8” hose would most likely be significant enough to prevent you from using a surface cleaner.

Another thing to consider is water supply. Not too many houses put out 10.8 gpm.