Is this a good upgrade

I have the opportunity to get a 5 gpm diesel hot water unit with sub 500 hrs. It has a honda 630 and comes with trailer, tank, hoses and reels. He is asking $3500. Am I safe if everything checks out. I currently run a 4gpm on a harbor freight trailer and do mainly residential house wash and concrete . I have been looking to upgrade but dont want to put money in the wrong thing.

Does it come with tank and trailer or no? (Edit it does). A new 630 8gpm would cost u around the same price, without the burner hose reels or tank. I don’t see why not if it’s in good shape, although I dunno why he has a 5 gpm on a 630

Probably a 5gpm burner.

Shoot man I’d jump on that if I was looking to upgrade and do some light commercial.