Is this a good deal?

Hey guys, I found this pressure washer on craigslist and I wanted to get your opinion on this unit and price? He is asking $2000, I can probably get him down to around $1800. I’m adding pressure washing to my window cleaning business and my main focus is going to be house washing/concrete washing. I don’t have any other plans as of this moment.

“Commercial Pressure Washer – NEW Honda 13HP engine with electric start, NEW 3,000 psi 4.5 - 5 gallon per minute pump, NEW 150 foot grey “non-marking” hose on COX electric reel, 12 gallon fuel tank, spare 50 foot pressure hose, two tube variable pressure wand and plenty of tips. NEW BE 20” Whirl-Away surface cleaner with spare T-Bar, Telescoping pressure washing wand, 100 foot industrial underground drain cleaning pressure hose with 4 jet tip. This is a “COLD WATER” set up, NO HEAT.

Asking $2000.00 for all together, WILL NOT SEPARATE, will consider trade for a good Marshall guitar amp and stack. "


It doesn’t look like a “bad deal.” Looks like it has a pressure gauge on it that you can check for actual pressure, so that’s a plus. BUT, you have to wonder about why all the new stuff is on that PW. I personally wouldn’t invest that kind of money in a used system when there are numerous recommendations on this site for some REALLY good rigs that are new and dependable.

My first commercial PW used cost me $550 for 4K/4gpm machine that I still use today. It pays for itself every week, but had I spent $2k, I could hardly make that boast. Do you intend to clean drains? That telescopic pole is pretty worthless, but that BE Whirlaway Surface Cleaner might be the best part of the deal: I don’t know the BE, but my Hammerhead cost me just south of $500 and is an indispensable tool in my arsenal.

Whatever you decide, don’t waste your money on any machine that pumps any less than 4gpm. AND, once you dip your feet you’ll find your easiest sales will come from upselling your window customers. I really enjoy the combination business of windows AND PWing. ALSO, check out this thread:

Good Luck!

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I dont think I would spend any where NEAR 2k for a cold 4/5gpm setup thats just me tho.

800 if it runs

I’m the OP, my account is on hold for trying to post a 2nd picture.

The hose/reel + whirl a way runs around $800 together for the both of those.

a 3500psi 4gpm pressure washer on this site cost $2000, so how would it be possible to not spend $2000 on a 4/5gpm cold water set up?

What appeals to me the most about this set up is it’s everything I need in one place. I only plan on house washing/concrete washing.


Used stuff… Doesn’t matter what it cost new. Its beat up. Doesnt look like he maintained it at all. Theres stuff you don’t need and no ones knocking his door down for this equipment. What ever… If it all cost over 3 grand new offer him 2500 cash if it makes you feel better. Why did you ask us for our thoughts if your going to turn around and try to sell us on the price you started out with.? Seems you made up your mind and just want someone to tell you its ok.

That’s not the case here at all. I value your opinions, I’m just trying to figure out why you guys are saying what you are saying. I just figured if I were to set up something like this brand new Ided be at around $4000-$5000? I have not made up my mind, that’s why I’m on this forum.

I agree that it does not look NEW but he claims it is NEW in his add.

You can buy a 4gom 1300, a surface cleaner 400, hose and reel 400 so why pay 2 grand for used stufg

Where do you recommend to get the 4gpm?

This is a horrible “deal” at $2k.

I dont feel like typing, but even the link i posted is better even though its still not what i would buy but at least its new and pretty much the same.

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Thanks for that link, that actually puts things into perspective and what everyone is saying on here make more sense to me.

If you don’t mind me asking, what route would you take?

The truth about used equipment from a distributor’s point of view is that Distributors are going make more off you than they would off new equipment. $1350 for a belt drive cold 4 @ 4 k and you will be fine for a long time. A Direct Drive… although I know I am setting you up for higher long term expenses, higher fuel consumption and a shorter pump life is a little less.

Spend less and buy new with less inherited problems.

Call Tracey over at north American pressure washing in Gainesville GA


I’ve answered that question multiple times already. Use the search function and look up some first time set ups. If you want to see my answer you can click my profile and go through all of my replies on set ups.

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Dude, used equipment depreciates quickly. I paid $550 for my used 4k 4GPM. Although it pays for itself almost every week that doesn’t change the fact that it’s used and has a likely short lifespan ahead. As I stated in an earlier post, there are things in the deal that you don’t need and won’t use. If you need new equipment, you can’t do better than Lori at PWP (featured in the quote at the top of this post) Nobody shares more technical advice with diagrams and knowledge that spans several generations. Go ahead and buy one of her machines, or buy the deal you want. Either way, it’s time to go to work. March and April are just around the corner.