Is there a PWR App?

Is there a PWR App? Or something that makes it easier on mobile than signing in brand new every single time? I saw an old thread from 2013 about the PWR app but I can’t find it anywhere on the App Store or even on tapatalk. But I just got tapatalk only to see if it was on there so I may have just been being a boob and didn’t know how to find it

I saw that thread before so I do remember what your talking about, displaced Texan was in it, I think whoever said the “app” just meant the shortcut to the site that you can create on your phone (at least on iPhone I know you can).

As far as signing in each time idk man because I use this site on my phones browser (safari) and it remembers each time. Maybe check your cookies and change them to allow all for PWR. Good luck!

There used to be an app years ago. Now you just use your browser. Not sure why you’re not staying logged in. I created a shortcut on my phone. It looks like an app but when you click it, it opens my browser and goes straight to the PWR home page.