Is There a One Step Truck Washing Soap?

Hi guys,
I am researching what chems to use for a small account of 6 busses. This is our first fleet account. We use 8 GPM hydrotek systems with heat as an option. We reclaim as well. Can someone recommend a one step Chem? Anyone use and like either EcoChem’s line or what Soap wharehouse has? Thanks for the help.


I don’t do any truck washing so I have no idea but I’m sure someone who does will chime in. I’ll change the title of your post so people will know what you’re looking for.

Can any of you fleet guys help Jared?

Typical brown soap will do the trick. Brown Derby and the like are pretty much the fleet washing basic.

We do a lot of fleet washing and we use a one step process with Pink Thunder from It works best with an upstream application.

So with the pink thunder you will have to brush the whole truck? When two stepping you don’t have to, correct? Or at least not as much I’ve heard.

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I’ve been eyeballing the Pink
Thunder…so I’m curious too.

NO, NO, NO!! :slight_smile: You don’t have to brush everything. We do single step truck washing with Pink Thunder daily. Single step can be done upstream or downstream. Both application will work but there is a big difference. Upstreaming takes advantage of the pressure and the heat (if its a hot water machine) from the power washer and allows for the use of less and milder soaps. Whereas, down streaming requires the use of more aggressive soaps to achieve the same cleaning effectiveness. I personally don’t feel that comfortable using aggressive strength detergent on customers equipment unless it is the only way to get it clean. The reason I don’t like the more aggressive detergent is because I find they will prematurely fade the paint, they will prematurely age the paint opening up the surface to attract and hold road film. This will cause it to get dirty faster and harder to clean on future visits. The degree does vary and it appears to change based on the type of paint.

I have found that a lot of guys doing residential work are primarily down streaming their detergents and prefer this method over upstreaming. Down streaming will work it just takes a stronger detergent. I will most likely release a stronger detergent soon for guys that prefer to clean fleets this way.

As for needing to brush with Pink Thunder it will still be needed from time to time. We always brush the chrome and windshields because those surfaced a pretty tough at breaking the roadfilm. Other surfaces are as needed.

If you are two stepping. You are using a method that is the least labor intensive of all the fleetwashing methods. You will use a lot of chemical but it won’t require as much labor. As far as being able to break the roadfilm without using a brush. It is hands down the best method for achieving the least amount of brushing. I have yet to find a single step method that will do what a two step process can.

Anyway, that is my experience. I hope it helps.


Really appreciate the rewording of the tittle Thad. Helpful information Michael. Thanks guys.

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It was my pleasure. Properly worded topics get a lot more action than vague ones.

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Thanks Michael that is some helpful info!!

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Where do you buy the two step process? Or what chemicals are inthat