Is there a more flexible pressure hose for hot water?

Hey Guys, so I got a Simpson Big Brute, 4000psi/4gpm with hot water and it came with 50’ of the stiffest hose I’ve ever seen. I’d like to add another 50’ of hose. Is there a more flexible hose that will hold up to heat?

If all the hot water hose is stiff as this, maybe a more flexible whip hose for right at the gun?
That may be enough to tame this boa constrictor.

It may be a R2 hose (double wire steel braided) what’s the psi rating on it? Hot water hose does come in a R1 (single wire steel wire) variety

It’s O.E.M. Branded 4500psi. Says steel braided, 250° max temp.

I looked it up and Simpson sells it as their armor hose, it’s dual braided.

Working Pressure of 4,500 will be a single wire braided (R1) hose. It should be the most flexible. Maybe it’s a cheaper quality thermoplastic hose??? You could go down to a 3k psi hose if you’re looking for a “shoelace”