Is soft washing patio/window screens a thing?

Just wondering because I wanna thoroughly clean them but avoid damaging them and if I could use chemicals that won’t rust or discolor them I rather do that. Ran into a problem yesterday I had to smooth out with a customer…

Sorry if it’s a dumb question but I’m just starting out.

What was your problem with a customer?

Don’t let the customer dictate the services you offer. I’m guessing you washed her home and she’s complaining you didn’t clean the screens…inform her that screen cleaning is a window cleaning service, not a house wash service

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I wish it was more simple than that. I informed the customer that since their screens were old and weak, there was a possibility that some damage might incur like holes, tearing, blowouts etc. but he told me to go ahead and pressure clean them anyway. The inevitable happened and we ended up getting into an argument over minor damage but eventually smoothed it out

Regular house wash nozzles really shouldn’t damage screens, even old ones. I wash screens all the time when doing a house wash with exterior window cleaning added on.

Also, if you ever do damage screens, they’re usually very easy to repair.


I thought the same thing. Only other problem I ever had was a blowout a few years ago but that was on my own house when I was testing out my equipment when I first gave Pressure washing a try

Hey Pisces. Did you make them sign a waiver prior to doing the house wash & after informing them of the potential hazards?

Curious as I don’t want this to happen to me. What did you agree upon after all was said & said?

I only did their patio area which was the around the pool and their screens. I never thought about having a customer sign a waiver but maybe I should consider it.

The biggest lesson this taught me was being more thorough with explanation of service and any problems that I could run into.

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Back to my original question to anyone who’s done it or knows in general…is there a such thing as soft washing screens? If so, how would I go about it and how effective is it?

It was a friend of a friend so I agreed to refund a portion of the service back to them but only because the guy is in the realty business and I’ve already gotten 2 other jobs lined up because of him and likely more to come. We were able to resolve everything amicably

It is the same process as soft washing a house.


Do you prefer that process over high pressure when it comes to screens?

As far as im concerned, there is no process that involves high pressure when it comes to screens.


Say no more…thank you sir

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Exactly right. We usually just use a garden hose and car wash brush when we do screened in porches. And a mild soap of course.

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Are you talking about these?

Yep…those and the ones that cover windows

Ok, closed in screen room we call a Lanais/pool enclosure.
We cobweb dust, then use a jrod, apply soap, then rinse and agitate with 00 tip to reach heights. No brushing and no high psi.
Do the outside first, screens and beams, then the inside.


Thanks a lot man. I appreciate you sharing your process…gonna save me alotta future headaches

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What tips are you using you shouldn’t be damaging these when softwashing