Is my pressure washer beginning to fail?

Maybe I’m not purging my system free of air correctly? I have a fully plumbed system and I do not use the down stream injector, I’ve chose to use x-jet. When I start my system up water will shoot out of the down stream injector (where the siphon hose would connect) but then later corrects itself once I am full throttle and start using the spray wand, and it will not shoot water out of the down stream injector anymore. Is this a sign things are starting to go bad? What causes this? Thanks. I included pictures incase I wasn’t making sense.

Plug the injector

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More experienced types will weigh in, but i would think it is just the built in injector failing, and not the pump.

If you aren’t using it, do what i did… unscrew the built in injector, and take it to Home Depot. In the plumbing department you will find a nipple with threads on each end that will fit that hole… get a threaded cap to go on top, and then it is completely blocked off. I did this because i am using an injector from Pressure Tek, and wanted to block off the built in injector completely.

If i can find my receipt, i will link to the actual items later. You can ask someone in the department, though, and they can probably find it if you cant.

Also, mine leaked the first time i put it on, because i didn’t have it sealed/tight enough. I took it off and sealed it the same way i seal all of my fittings (rectorseal tru-blu on the threads, and gas approved yellow teflon tape on top of that… both found at Home Depot), tightened it down good, and it stopped leaking.

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Whoops didnt see that post before i posted. Yeah. Do that.

Well I appreciate you going in depth and explaining how to do so. I will do that thank you very much.

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