Is it worth starting a business?

I just turned 18 and I’m looking to do research in the next few months so I can start a business next year so I can start summer after winter (In Pennsylvania). I live in a city with a lot of richer bordering towns and there are no local powerwashing or roof cleaner businesses that are local. Would it be foolish to start with something like a RIDGID Professional 18 Inch 4200 Psi Quick Connect Surface Cleaner and a basic Powerwasher in the beginning and then if I start getting business I can sell them and get into the real equipment? The only reason I want to start with cheaper equipment is because I know I need an LCC and money for lower scale marketing and other miscellaneous expenses. Any responses are appreciated thank you!

I’m assuming you mean LLC…

At 18 you can be a Sole Proprietor. You don’t have a ton of personal property yet so just concentrate on doing the job properly and sock money away for a better machine later.

Be sure to get insurance though, pressure washing has a high potential for property damage.

Oh and 4200psi is way too much. Most of the long time pros here work with 3000psi or less. GPM is King, as they say.

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The answer to your thread question . Absolutely.

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Start with what you can afford. Get jobs and build up. You’ll find that when you get a website, when set up properly, your customer reach will grow.


i’m 18, started my business at 17. and it’s the best thing i’ve ever done with my life. i’m not even running great equipment, ads, or any website. just word of mouth and i make $1k a week with a $2000 setup.


what set up do you have mikespwclean?

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You’re on the right track. Do your research and start early next spring. If you’re in Central to southern PA you’ll start to pick up a fairly steady stream of business in April if you did your homework and began advertising in mid March. My first 3 years I made almost 50% of my yearly wash income during Apr. May June. That’s 50% of my income in 25% of the year.

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Read as much as you can on this forum and watch a lot of youtube videos. We need to be very educated on pw’ing as young guys to gain respect from the elders who hire us.


Yeah my bad that was a typo and I wasn’t sure if you could edit and thank you for the info!

simpson 4400psi 4gpm, whisper wash 16” surface cleaner, also have a northstar 20” but my 4gpm isn’t ready for that yet. 150’ monster hose and i just recently started using bleach


Damn I’m glad it’s working out for you so well. Thanks for the info!

If you cant afford a Whisper Wash yet, the Rigid works just fine and for $160 is a lot better quality than the other small surface cleaners at home depot and lowes. The pita with it is you have to use with a wand and not handlebar style. I learned quick that having professional equipment makes a difference.

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