Is it possible to have policy written for particular location and event oppose to annual policy

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I was contacted by apartment complex manager with request to clean apartments, Unfortunately they require way more insurance than I have so I will have to obtain an additional coverage. Problem with that is that I will only need this coverage for this project. So I was wondering if it is possible to insure my company just for this particular location for the particular dates as opposed to buying annual policy that covers me 24/7 everywhere.
As additional question… would you guys recommend me some decent insurance underwriters who is writing reasonable quotes.

Thank you!

Erie has done that for me on a few properties that were over 4 stories.

I did this exact thing last month for a one time big job. My insurance agent added the required additional insurance as requested by the company I was subbing for to my GL.

It added about $800 to my annual premium, but I only needed it for a week. When the job was completed and invoice sent- he removed the additional insurance and I was only charged for the week I had the extra coverage, came out to about $25.

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Why ask us, call your agent or whoever you bought policy from. Every company different.

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Hiscox insurance that I buy my liability insurance from told me they don’t offer workers comp.

Hiscox and JW are probably the worst two insurance options for washing contractors in my opinion.

You didn’t mention you just needed W/C for a one time gig… That may be tougher. Good luck.

Why would you say that?

I ask this because I’m currently insured with JW and they gave me a decently fair price for my business insurance and they seemed to have it down with their insurance. I’m down to change after my term is over though.

Erie does not write policies for state of Mississippi. After being on hold for an hour I finally was able to get a human being on the phone who informed me they don’t serve this state.

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