Is it me or is my injector pulling more?

I added 100’ more of hose today so im at 200’ now. Seems like i blow thru a 5 pail of sh wayyy faster. I unhook soap line to rinse. So would that extra lenth make my injector pull harder or is it cuz im fillin up that much more hose when i plug back in and unplug to rinse?

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Did you make any other changes to your setup along with the extra hose? Maybe a new spray gun? Switch around plumbing at all?

Generally, your draw rate goes down the more hose you add. Not the other way around.

No I did not change anything else. I’m thinking it’s just all the extra volume in the extra hose considering I clear my alliance a few times since I unplug my siphon tube to rents that extra volume probably adds up to the amount that I’m losing

How many gpm

4 gpm

Some quick calculations:

A cylinder 3/8” in diameter and 200’ long holds about 1.1 gallons. So theoretically 200’ of pressure hose will suck up around a gallon of solution before it reaches the gun.

I’m thinking it might hold a little more than that, though, because at 5.5gpm it takes me about 15 or 16 seconds to clear solution from the hose. 1 gallon should clear in around 11 seconds.

So the trick is to be strategic in how you use the solution still “loaded” in the hose when you shutoff the soap. I like to use it to retreat tough spots like eaves and peaks, because I get a little more oomph behind it when I bypass the injector.

I dont do well with math… but also have to take in considersation that is total volume, not only HW. It will deplete your mix quicker so to say, but not that mych of an effect.

I do the same as well when clearing… hit the tough spots.

a gallon of solution? like it will draw 1 gallon from your mix tank? I think you mean if it takes 1.1 gallons to fill the hose then depending on your injector that 1 gallon will be 20 parts water 1 part mix. and so on…

D’oh. You’re quite right. :man_facepalming:

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