Is fleet washing a tough market?

:confused: I’ve been reading a little about fleet washing and am intrigued. How do you guys get the contracts? How do you know what companies to go after. I am Absolutely green to this and may or may not implement it into our business. I would just like to know the process it takes. Thanks

I would like to learn more about it. Possibly work for free on a few jobs with someone. From what I understand the market is pretty open in my area. Most of the local guys don’t care for washing fleets. I think it would be a good way to keep my boys busy making them some cash for college.

In my opinion it is a tough market

Couple things…

  1. It sucks doing fleets in the winter
  2. It also sucks washing fleets in a yard with no water supply, unless you love to have a huge tank and tow water everywhere.
  3. Some owners and owner/operators are extremely picky and expect a full detail. Which you have to set expectations.
  4. Don’t use caustics or most acids (aluminum brightener) on polished aluminum. You’ll either leave caustic streak burns or dull out the aluminum

But, if you’re set up for it and get on a groove, have good accounts/clients…you can make some alright money when you’re not doing residential.

[MENTION=7146]TreyWinslow[/MENTION] thanks .

I don’t even know where to begin if if I wanted to. But it would be nice to have it for the guys so I don’t have to lay anyone off in the winter. If anyone have any advise on who/ what it is I need to talk with to try submit a bid , that would be cool

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$10-15 per truck…$20-25 per trailer…I looked into a while back…don’t care for the profit margin myself.

To me fleets are like wood guys or KEC guys…I give props to them…just not my cup of tea.

Josh- if you ever get the chance and see Michael Hinderliter at a convention or an event or maybe even catch him online, he would be the perfect guy to pick his brain on this. He makes millions from doing fleet washing which he’s been doing for almost 30 yrs now. I’ve been to his truck washing fleet center in Texas and it’s amazing. They even have a cafeteria for the truckers who stop there.

Around 10 yrs ago he was doing aprox 2500 rigs a month. Today he’s probably doing more. This is another reason I like to go to Conventions because you meet successful guys like Mike and there open to helping fellow contractors.— food for thought.

[MENTION=7366]GuyB[/MENTION] Thanks as always, see you this weekend in MD.
[MENTION=350]John[/MENTION]t Thanks I’ll check in see if he’s going to be at this convention and talk to him.

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I don’t think Mike will be in MD but he most likely will be at anyone of these if not all 3 in 2014- PWRA,PWNA or IKECA conventions.

You get contracts the same way you would get any work or contract - go get it.
You have to reach out to the location you want and ask for a fleet manager. Usually it’s a different title in each company. Ask for their business. Offer a demo.

As far as which companies to go after it’s just which ever ones you want. Do a search for trucking companies and go from there. There’s garbage truck companies, moving companies, hauling companies, UPS, Fed Ex etc.

Personally I’ll stick with residential.

I hear ya Dave:cool: Where a little more commercial now(over 50%) but no matter what I’ll never give up my residential end because it’s always there going on 19yrs now. I luv my residential repeat customers;)


I would also be happy to steer you in a direction for fleet washing. I will private message you.

I’m sure you’ve gotten all the info you need but I can tell you this; I live in a smaller community about 30 min from the metro with a lot of larger trucking companies paying their guys and burning fuel to get their rigs washed in the city. I called 2 companies since buying my trailer and have landed both contracts. One with 14 trucks and one with 20. Both companies want their trucks washed every other week and in charging them $100.00 for a truck and trailer!!! They gladly pay. They are saving money buy not paying the diesel and drivers to get the trucks to the wash bay. One problem is they are only available to wash when they are off the road. Later in the evening and/or weekends.


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Are you doing this by yourself? If not, how many employees/contractors are assisting you with fleet washing?

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I am currently doing it by myself but this will have to change eventually. It is tough to wash that much by myself. Trying to learn speed and then hire a guy but I made the mistake of only equipping my trailer with one unit. My next set up will have 2 smaller power washers.


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