Ipe dock: chem question

We have cleaned enough ipe/iron wood decks but this would be our first dock.

Home is under going a major remodel and the City has several times already informed the client SH can not end up in the lake.

I am waiting for the client to forward me the list of approved cleaning agents by the city/state. However as she read it to me hydrogene peroxide was included. Any one cleaned with ipe with that? experience?

If you have any idea’s I am happy to hear them.


what state are you in?

Washington State, as in the one with the Space Needle

What’s on that IPE deck now? IPE is one of the densest woods on the planet. It’s so hard you can’t nail thru it.

I am dealing with the property manager and she really has little information.

Seems no one out here oils them, the let them get all gray and such. It’s a dock so 100% exposed. Little bit of algae, some sort of water fowl crap.

We have always sprayed SH, and rinsed with a little pressure. In this case, with the city watching them and already warning them I am not comfortable using SH.

YOU need to contact your local EPA and get everything in writing. They may be able to screw with you just for using pressure to clean the dock, thats how messed up thing have become… I refuse to wash any dock around here, period.

Hi Dave,

As you know, ipe’ is hard as rock. It will withstand higher water pressure than any other exterior wood one is likely to service. Attached are 3 pics of an ipe’ dock that we serviced along with ~ another 2200 sq. ft. of ipe’ on the property.

In and around the water, clean with just water pressure. Don’t overdo it, ipe’ can fir if you hit it too hard. After it dries, (with ipe’ that doesn’t take long!), if it has firred up a bit or needs additional prep, use 3 M pads with an 8" buffer or 60 grit sandpaper with a random orbital to clean up. Blow off and stain away.

Beautiful job Rick.

Will take the advice and reach out to EPA and City.

Apparently the City has visited many times this year alone and seem to be watching the dock. FYI: when our client built the dock they had to put “windows” in the dock so the fish got light as the dock was expanded.

Using Rick’s picture as a guide, the portion over water is 10x larger.

Honestly may just pass, but will due my due diligence.

Thanks all.


That is just too much. Do they require waterfront homeowners to cut down the trees on the bank so the friggin’ fish get more sunlight? Windows for fish under docks! I mean if the fish don’t care for shade, they can swim to where there is sun. I think a lowly carp has more common sense than your esteemed regulators.

Some of this nonsense has to stop or we’re all doomed. I agree, it sounds like a pass to me.

Dave have u tried wash-safe products they have a deck wash that uses peroxide and a composite deck cleaner but I think it has like 5% chlorine in it . I’ve used the deck wash on wood decks and it works good but have not used the composite deck cleaner, Bob S

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Thanks, will be at our pw supplier tomorrow and I know they have that product.

However, if it’s got chlorine in it, doubt i would chance it. Typically I do not care, I would roll the dice, but given it seems this dock is being watched and the home is being remodeled I just have a bad feeling about it.

Are you sure you dont live in NJ?? Thats friggen crazy but I want to see pics.

This guy should have contacted to local paper to do a story on the “widows” for fish and show what idiots they have in the EPA

The team googled the owners name yesterday. She was Forbes list, in the top ten, for self made richest females.