Invoices & Proposal Forms

What are people using for invoicing & proposals?

My invoices I use from a local printer

I went to a local printer and looked at several samples they had. We then customized them for my biz. Very basic, lots of room to write information. Double copy so one to client one for my records.

i’ve just been using quickbooks when i book a job. only problem is that i need some carbon copy field invoices for giving those random estimates and when i have time to clean a neighbors house.

hey phil, what sort of price range did you find when looking for invoices?

They usually have a one time set up fee so I orders invoices, estimate and business cards all at the same time. The invoices came in flip books of 100. It has the cover that folds under the copy you write on to protect the bottom page. I save about $50.00 buying all at the same time. I didn’t shop around much. This place was highly recommended. I didn’t have enough confidence to customize on my own and order online. I coulda saved a lot by online, but I needed a face to face order.

Quick Books and Microsoft Word on occasion.

Customer Factor for invoices. Most of my estimates are over the phone so I have a form I created in MS word that I can email or if in the field write up.

We use custom proposals made in word and invoices from our software provider.

Keep your eye out for a bunch of new forms for PWRA members in the next couple of months.

I really have to take a closer look at The Customer Factor, too.
Soooo many guys are using it and we get a nice discount.

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