Invest in website design and SEO?

Well, it’s been an okay month so far, couple good paying jobs, but my phone is definitely not ringing as much as I’d like, my last job was on the 24th, phone hasn’t rang ever since, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on since my GMB profile has more than 50 reviews, with pictures, I update my social media whenever I take great before and after pictures. Now, i don’t have a website yet lol and I don’t even know where to begin. I’m definitely hiring someone to design it for me since I have zero clue, just wanted to ask, do you get enough business from your websites to make it worth the investment? I’m thinking linking it to my GMB profile would help me rank up a little higher. I’d love some insight of what I’m missing and I would really appreciate the help! Thank you all!

A website is the storefront of a mobile business in 2020. There isn’t a single reason to not have one.


All my local friends and my self have noticed a big dip this past week… It literally came to a screeching halt…

Some say, It’s Vacation time… But Idk anyone who’s taking vacations right now…

I say we embrace our selfs for this coming fall, who knows what will happen :grimacing:

I can attest to it being dry here as well… I’ve had good success with facebook ads in the past and I’ve been running a special that is pretty decent with 120 likes on the post 15000 views and 1 message about getting an estimate I feel it is partly covid related and partly just that time a year where it’s so hot out and is normally vacation time and people dont want things done

Does anyone want to hire the company that did my website:

I personally think it’s great.
I am only second year into business, I am busier than I want to be (that’s after I raised my price a couple of times to a point that I really think it’s more than just expensive =_=)

Long time software engineer here, just wanted to pop in this one. Most of the time if you hire people they will probably just use a WordPress theme. With a bit of research you can do it yourself. There are some really good premium themes nowadays, and hosting is cheap. Just be cautious of getting big quotes.

Also, be very careful hiring anyone related to SEO… Not saying it’s all a rip-off, but a large majority is, and you’ll probably wind up deranked using things like Fiverr for that.


Well now that would be a reason why I went from 1-2 calls a day to none lol, it’s nice to hear about how other guys are doing, thank you! It’s probably a good opportunity to work a little on marketing while I’m less busy

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That’s why I built my own website and built up my own SEO.

I suggest Wordpress and I heard between bluehost and gator host that bluehost is better customer service (though they are part of the same company).

It only took a about 60 hours of YouTube videos and actively working on the site to get it up and running the way I liked it.

Then another 6 or so hours to get it on google and start the SEO process

A benefit of doing it yourself is it’s ALOT cheaper, you have the power to change what you want when you want, and you don’t have to depend on someone else to do things for you and have confusion on how you want it.



Just as I got quite a few years in IT myself, you don’t like being a software engineer anymore? Like pressure washing better?

I’m quietly planning right now, haven’t made the switch. But ya, I’m just about done with it. I realized I did it for the money (and I’m good at it), but it’s just not making me happy in life. The money’s not worth it, I’d rather work hard, make my own way. I started coding when I was a kid, so it’s been a life long thing, and I’ve had a few other careers (blue collar) so it’s time to get out and be happy!

What about you? Still do both?

Interesting… Yeah, well when running a small PW company sometimes technical skills can be good to have when setting things up, automating admin tasks and so… I personally love the freedom to travel and be in other countries for longer periods of time, spend time in Africa and Asia… So I have been thinking perhaps to learn coding on part time to have an easier job to bring with when traveling / living in other countries… My background is IT & AV Technician, I don’t know if that’s so easy to bring with you…

Been running Window cleaning company before, so just started up again, but more focus on PW this time… Only thing is here weather is kind of bad here at times, so you really have to go out in all kinds of weather, raining, snow, - 10c and so… So just thought it would be interesting to know the decision behind leaving a kind of job like that…

On another hand, I think we are made to use our bodies and to be outside for physical and mental health… So that can be a good thing, and you can listen to tons of audio books, podcast and so while working outside, thats also nice…

Still getting set up but can attest to less than stellar customer service with host gator.

Is Fiverr that bad for seo work? Been looking at a few gigs but don’t want to throw money down the drain.

Second that! It takes a little research and plenty of time, but there’s a thousand forums out there for increasing your website traffic. WordPress has an incredible depth and is super customizable, especially on the SEO side. But the learning curve is pretty high as well.
I used WIX for my website, built it myself and didn’t pay a dime for SEO. It’s a gorgeous site, but I’m on the third page of Google results for “pressure washing Asheville” and almost none of my business has come from organic website traffic. So far my website has done nothing but lend credibility to my business when people visit from the address on my business cards. I hand my card out and get a notification a few minutes later of a new visitor to my site.

Personally heard nothing but bad stories over the years with paying for SEO unless you’re in the big leagues and spend a ton. If love to hear some success stories of there are any, I hope there’s a good one on there. I’ll use them if so.

I personally use lightsail and WordPress on AWS, but definitely not user friendly.

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I’m the opposite !

The majority of my calls are from my google ads and people visiting my website and filling out my contact form.

The way my website flows it has a contact Button on every page and the website and it’s pages naturally flows you in the direction of the contact form

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That’s awesome! Do you mind attaching your link? I don’t think I’m alone (especially with new businesses) when I say that this pandemic really put a damper on my main marketing strategy, which was shaking hands and passing out business cards. It’s been brutal trying to build a client base in an environment where knocking on doors is no longer acceptable!

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im currently re-doing my website actually becuase i changed the name of my business. I will after its done!


I still have to change some things but the majority is done with the name change

A couple of tips, not that you asked for it, but I can’t help it. :grin:
On mobile (haven’t checked desktop) the logo and text up top are stretched and don’t have any padding. I would check your theme’s demo pages at and see how they handle those logos. You might need to use a higher res and scale it down, turn off some stretch settings to keep the right ratio, etc…
Also, I would turn off as many plugins as you can and enable caching with wp rocket or w3 total cache to help the initial page load times.