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Ill start by saying thank you to all that share your knowledge and experiences. My name is Cory and Im from NE Alabama. Im new to the pressure washing game, but am seasoned in working residential work mostly in the construction field. This is my second year being a small business owner. I offer carpentry and lawn care and just bought a setup to add pressure washing to my services (small town so you need to be multifaceted to stay busy around here). Ive spent 20 hours at least delving through these forums and figured this is a place i need to be active in.

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Welcome @CCamp1988 !

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@CCamp1988 Welcome!

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Welcome. What is your setup?

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Pretty basic right now. 4K/4gpm Honda 390/cat pump, 20in surface cleaner. My plan is to upgrade to a trailer setup once my return on investment quadruples.


If you want a buffer tank for a good price. Print this picture out and take it to tractor supply and ask them to price match it with the 65gallon they carry of the same brand.


Great info, much appreciated!


Yup, I have that 65 gallon, works very well. Interestingly the Cat direct drive pump on your 4/4 WILL draw water off it, provided it’s full.


So i shouldnt cause any damage to a direct drive pump off of a tank as long as i keep it above inlet? Ive read that you arent suppose to run a direct drive off a tank, but also see where people are doing it.