Introduction from SC

Just wanted to introduce myself. Stumbled upon the site a few times in the last 9 months when doing a Google search. Last May, I started Max Exterior Washing LLC. I have been in sales for a long time. Sold and leased heavy equipment and homeowner equipment for a few years. Then ventured into pharmaceutical sales for a dozen years or so. Always been one to play with chemicals and cleaning around the house. Used to live in NH and now in SC. Really started when cleaning my deck back in NH. 20 miles from closest big box store and I ran out of deck cleaner. Reading the bottle I sat down had a beer and told my buddies, I know that main ingredient and can’t place where I saw it. Low and behold It struck me, went over to my pool shed and found the pool shock. Had 2 gallons and finished the deck… Fast forward… 2 years ago while washing my house here in SC I swore I’d never get the ladder, brush, neighbors power washer out again. Researched on the web intrigued by soft washing. Bought a basic setup last April to down stream 4gpm, 4000 psi setup at local supplier and came home and did my house. I mentioned my neighbor and his small Sams club homeowner washer, we sought of share tools back and forth, he saw the results and asked me to do his. Figured my selling of drugs, legally, despite being a great paying job was/is an unstable industry, About every 2 or 3 years since 2003 I have been laid off. Started Max Exterior Washing part time on the weekends and evenings to make a few extra bucks. Did about a dozen homes last year simply by word of mouth. Low and behold got laid off just in time for the holidays from my pharmaceutical job along with 700 others. About 90% of what I have done so far is vinyl, 5% brick and 5% Hardie Board. Typically run 10% SH and Elemonator. I can get the 12.5% but the cost of gas and time to drive to the supply house and the fact business is sporadic at this point the 10 has been fine with a little longer dwell time. Local pool places don’t carry liquid so I am forced to use Wal Mart for the 10% for now. Appreciate the wealth of information here and looking forward to learning more.- Steve.

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Not sure of the name of this place but this is where I buy SH in Columbia SC. I have one for Myrtle Beach and north GA if it helps. Not sure where you live or how far you travel

@Innocentbystander, When was the last time you called this number? It’s disconnected now.
@smcroni, what part of SC are you in?

I really don’t know. My phone is full of places up and down the East coast to get bleach or supplies. I’m from Raleigh area but we service a 500 mile circle. Sorry the number was bad.

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No biggie. I’m always looking for a better deal. If your ever in Columbia let me know ahead of time. Maybe we can meet up.

I’m in the Upstate between Clemson and Greenville

Gotcha. Welcome

I think there’s a Univar in Spartanburg, not sure if that would be worth your while though…just do a local search for chemical companies in Greenville and call around to see who’s best to deal with. @Jason_Heath might be able to point you in the right direction too…really good guy!

Hey smcroni!

Does Univar sell 55 gallon drums to anyone? I called the nearest one to me a while back, and they said they only sold in larger quantities… like 300 or something.