Intro and building wash questions

Hi all,
Allow me to introduce myself first. My name is Cody Bosman, I manage the pressure washing part of my parents business. We have been mainly a commercial janitorial service for the last 25 or so year’s and when I asked to join the business we looked into ways to expand our services. This led us to pressure washing and after researching and doing a lot of reading on this forum and others we decided to go for it. We got the opportunity to purchase an existing fleet washing company and took the plunge in January. Needless to say it has been an interesting experience so far and I am thankful for good experienced employees and forums such as this one.

My question is about a bid I was asked to do for a local cold storage warehouse. They got our number because we wash trailers for their main client there. I am not sure how to approach this they are looking for the north and east sides of the warehouse to be washed including the loading doors etc. The pricing part I can figure out pretty easily and figure it is a live and learn situation. My question is what chemical would you guys use? And what set up? I was first thinking of using a boom and adding it to my price. The other option was possibly buy an x jet or m jet and use that from the ground. As far as soap I was thinking of just using our standard truck soaps as the building exterior is white and some sort of metal composite.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Any help? Bid the job and got it. Just waiting g for better weather to start. Looking for any suggestions.

I need photos.

If its tin, good luck. You’ll have to mix hot and more than likely use a dedicated pump.

Might require a physical up-close rinse (stucco does)

Down-streaming won’t do it.

Upload some photos and I am happy to help.

Sorry, I just saw this now. Thanks for the reply. When you say mix hot do you literally mean using hot water for the chem? After looking at it closer I do belive it is a plastic composite of some sort. We almost always use a dedicated shurflo pump for chemical application so that won’t be a problem. I was just hoping to get away without using a boom but already factored one into the cost.

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