Intro and advice on setup

Hi all! First off just want to say how awesome both this forum is and the community surrounding pressure washing, yall are great.

I’m new to the business, but not the job. Ive been the entrepreneurial type for the past 15 years or so: mechanic, welder, fabricator, snow plowing, pressure washing (small scale), vinyl decals, set design, carpentry, renovations, prop construction…and most recently half owner of a professional haunted attraction. If theres a task at hand that i don’t know about, i educate myself on it…my friends all say “if there is a Bill there is a way” haha. So needless to say i never jump in to anything without heavy research, and before i actually made my account on here there was a solid week of 3-4 hours a night reading through the forums. Deciding to go this route as my next en-devour as i get more pleasure out of the “service” industry than dealing with people delivering “goods”. and as im sure many of you can relate there is nothing like working for yourself, even though it involves WAY more work than the standard 9-5.

Long story short (too late)

Ive been a good detective and used the search bar, but only find bits and pieces of my exact situation, which is what im hoping for some guidance in…not so much what should i do as what would you suggest of my options…if that makes any sense lol

Im located in middle TN, about an hour south of Nashville on the outskirts of a rural town with easy access to larger areas. There are a few PW companies around but they all seem to either be full on heavy commercial, or small local guys with box-store machines not doing a lot of marketing that i am seeing. Im going to try and target the up and coming residential areas in the busier parts of rural settings (people who work in the bigger cities but choose to live out in the subdivisions in the country). Im also going to try and go a route i havent seen a lot of talk about, that being through real estate companies and their clients with these mid-higher end houses looking to sell. Going to be offering house washing, driveways, and sidewalks to start…might consider shallow roof washing eventually (heights are not my thing). also figured on up-selling exterior window scrubbing.

I thank you greatly if you’ve made it through all of this pre-cursor to my question, but figured i should put it all out there if im going to be looking for an answer.

Im going up to the power wash store in nashville this week to look at machines and get some pricing. what im looking to buy is a GX390 with a belt drive 5.5gpm CAT or HP 2500psi pump, and a 16" whisper wash classic. Ive heard if im going to spend anything its on a good machine, so figured the few hundred dollar difference from the 4gpm machine would be worth it for either long term or resale if it doesnt work out. i would plan on getting a 50 gallon buffer tank as well. then 2 low-mid end reels, 150’ pressure hose, yada yada another topic.

What i have it my disposal already is either a small 4’x8’ plywood trailer, or a mid size dual axle car trailer with wooden boards. what i do not have is a vehicle. please dont hate me for my idea, but was thinking just to get myself going with the small amount of equipment possibly looking at a newer (08-12) scion xb for the 4x8 trailer…i know, i know…im a mechanic and get it too…but i can get one for around 5k and they look clean. other option would be the bigger trailer, or still the small one, and look for a light duty pickup. i would go the route of using the pickup bed instead of a trailer, but this would also be my daily driver so itd be nice to not have to unload everything if i needed the space. being in the country and starting a new business with not a lot of savings im looking to get the best gas mileage i can for both the business end and my daily driving. im trying to meld the “noob just getting started” outlook with the “clean, right equipment, professional look” mentality. a decent vehicle towing a small but neat trailer, organized with good equipment.

for making it this far i award you this gold sticker :star: and ask…what would you suggest out of my options? thanks!

Welcome. Also while you’re there look at their water dragon gear drive. I love mine and it’s a reasonably priced machine.

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Welcome, skip the Scion…if your willing to spend 5k do a little looking for a nice company vehicle.

I bought these both for less then 3400 a piece.


thanks! I looked at gear drives as well…however im trying to get the whole setup going for around what that costs lol. trying to stay on the low end of a pro setup to get me started and some work coming in first. :stuck_out_tongue:

gotcha…what is the top one an Isuzu base? whats the gas mileage like on it? as ill be selling my current daily (Camry) for this work vehicle id like to to as economical as possible…not sure how thrilled my gf would be going out to dinner in a 2ton flatbed haha

I like that wrap. Someone local design it?

Ha yea I get you there. Do what you gotta do. In the end we’re all spraying bleach on siding

Yeah, an Isuzu (true green truck). It’s diesel and gets 14-15 mpg.

Better picture

My brother letting my nephew try out the surface cleaner lol.


I know what you mean…my personal vehicle broke down last year and I drove the Isuzu as a daily driver for a week lol. Not fun

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You will be much happier and have much dryer feet it you turn that elbow on the swivel 180 degrees


Will do

Don’t have any pictures of it, but I picked up a 2010 MB Sprinter 170" wb extra tall ceiling for $7k. Only has about 260k miles, which is low for most Sprinters. Gets almost 30 mpg on the highway, and has plenty of room. You can also find old Penske and uhaul box trucks for next to nothing.

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I was a mechanic for Penske and they keep their vehicles well maintained. I wouldn’t be scared of one of those at all

I use to drive for them on the logistics side. Got serious about buying my own semi at one point, and loved that you could pull all the service records for every truck that was for sale. You could tell if one was a lemon or not pretty easily.

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I may eventually go the box truck route. This year most of our spending will be on home improvement. The four of us moved into my mother in laws two bedroom house with her about 3 years ago because she had dementia. We had to. She passed last January(on my daughters 13th birthday ) and we don’t want to move back to town and pull her out of school again. So once the probate is done we’ll pay this place off and start renovating it. Once I get it like my wife wants it then I’ll probably get a box truck.

I used a 2013 xB for a couple years. Had an 05 xB for about 6 years prior to that.

You’ll be disappointed in the mileage of the newer toasters. Especially while towing. I think I had some tanks that were less than 20mpg when I was towing a lot. The original toaster did much better. Averaged 27-28, and only had a couple tanks that were down around the 23-25 mpg range when doing a lot of towing. Slow car, but a fun one.

Take these guys’ advice on vehicles. Put utility before fuel efficiency. In this business, you’ll be better served by focusing first on how to make money, than on how to save it.

But if you want really decent mileage in a useful rig, get an old 2wd Chevy s10. Make a flatbed rig out of it. Should be able to get 22-25 mpg fairly easy if you drive it right. Look up “cleaned by pete flatbed” on youtube for some details.


Could he just flip the gun?

Sell both the trailers you have now - get you a 610 or 612 trailer. For what you’re doing single axle will be fine. If vehicle going to be multi-use - go the trailer route/ Easier to work off of and if you ever have mechanical problems can rent something to pull it with easily. Then get a light to medium duty pickup to pull it with plus you’ll have some extra room if you need and you still have something to take the gf to dinner in.


Same thing happened to me over the summer with my daily…only other vehicle i had at the time was for my other business…the haunted attraction…its a hearse lol. but hey at least were advertising right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the s10/1500 are what else i was looking at for that reason. did you pull a trailer with the 05 scion? i wouldnt think those would handle it so well with the smaller motors the gen 1’s came with. i forget where it was on here but i saw someone post a pic of a 4x8 PW trailer with a white newer model xb and it just looked “slick” to me. but it does look like the smaller pickup is the current suggestion. ill look into that tonight, im averaging probably about 6 hours a day on youtube with PW videos lol. THANKS!!