Interior of a new Warehouse

I’m looking for some pricing help from anyone that has done a similar job. The walls, ceiling and trusses all need to be cleaned.


ditto, electrical is going to be a major issue IMO

It’s newly built being fit out in 3 weeks. It’s primarily dust that has accumulated during construction. Can spray around and away from electrical.

I’d pass….electrical nightmare I think too.

Anything newly built is a headache waiting to happen. They are going to expect perfection from whatever you do, bc that is what the owner is going to expect at turnover.

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Hmm. I’ve done a couple buildings like this but never with it skinned and electrical run. Wouldn’t necessarily scare me off that it’s there. Can always kill power to the building and open up the doors while you wash around the lights and whatnot. Maybe even bring in a light tower if there’s not enough natural light.

Pricing wise, I’ve always just taken my day rate and added 20%.

Stuff like this you have to ask how willing/able you are at replacing the electrical fixtures and circuits.

You have to be careful and not get water behind the insulation also. It’ll sag if you do. Tell them you can clean the floor, but pass on the rest. Cleaning floor will be a pita also, unless you go rent one of the ride ons with the scrubber and vaccum. Otherwise, you’ll need to squeegee out or blow out a lot of water. It may leave stains where it puddles not to mention it would take you a day to chase the dirty water out.

You need something like this - Tennant T-20, make sure you get at least a 48" if not bigger. I rent these fairly often. Don’t let that rate you see fool you. By the time they add on delivery, pickup, insurance etc,etc. figure about 1200/day. I normally double that for my time. You’ll need a big mop and bucket to get around poles, and edges, though these do a decent job. Plus you need your cleaning solution for it, a water source to refill it and a place to dump it and a ramp to get it in and out of building. Even if just dusty, plan on a couple of passes. It’ll take you a couple of hours to get proficient on it, but they do a decent job.

Rent it for a Sat use. they’ll bring out usually on a Friday pm and that way if you need to finish on a Sunday, you can. I can almost guarantee you it won’t get picked up on a Sat afternoon or a Sunday, but you’ll just get charged for Sat.

My most recent, big paint spill. Of course by the time I got there, they had tracked it all over the warehouse and it was huge. Tennant did a nice job though.


The best thing you can do is is start with a vacuum and air. Remove all the dust you can. Then wipe it all down. Really the only thing you need you pressure washer for is the floor. If you only operate a pressure washing or soft wash company. This job is not for you. Or do the smart thing find some a cleaning company that willing with you. Or hire temps. Its not as bad as you think. Charge accordingly


Thanks to all for the insight. Racer…Your advice was Dead on. They actually rented a Tennant t-7 for me, a bit of a PITA for sure…The batteries kept running out quickly. (pre-wetting

and post-rinse worked nicely) The whole job was actually pretty straightforward. It looks great, the owner was happy, and I made some nice $$$ for a weekend of work. Great way to start the season.


Looks nice, good job. Glad it worked out for you.
How long did it take you? That’s a pretty small unit and yes the propane powered much better, not having to rely on batteries. They beat the heck out off having to chase all that water off a large flat surface.

Friday Sat and most of Sunday. Because the machine kept dying, I ended up using the Whisper Wash, then sucked it up with the T-7. Ran the machine’s scrubbers as needed for a little extra agitation. It was a learning process. I think that only 1 of the 4 batteries was working. It died every 5-7 minutes running the scrubber, vac, and water. About 10-12 mins with just the Vac…I think the bigger Propane version would have been great and would have made the whole process go much faster…Luckily, The owner was happy, he has a few more warehouses and wants me to do those as well. On a separate note. How are the dual Remcos working out? Any remorse? Wish you got the X-6?

Haven’t had a chance to really use yet. Been swamped with other work. Using today, so I’ll give you a report tonite.