Insurance(s) if you got the time

Been shopping around for quotes, which is annoying as hell, but I’m getting around 1.9K as a quote for general liability for PW and spraying stain, truck insurance (comprehensive and collision) trailer insurance (comprehensive and collision) and an equipment coverage for about 9k for PW, surface cleaner and tools on trailer.

Does this sound right? I can’t use USAA for my truck anymore, they don’t do commercial (they actually farm it out to progressive and they won’t let me insure with USAA and them). I have one more local insurance guy to get back in touch with, but that will round out all available options. Best quote was Erie but higher deductibles (which I don’t mind as I wouldn’t report anything less than 1k).

First time doing commercial truck, trailer, equipment, and liability as a package (well main package and breakout packages). I used to just get liability when I painted - wayyyyy cheaper.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I might be going about this wrong, insurance isn’t my forte.

EDIT: Running as an LLC, I may re-title vehicle and equip to business, not sure yet. Getting options from lawyer in a couple of days.

Find an insurance broker near you. They use all sorts of different companies instead of being nailed down to one. I couldn’t find anyone to insure the business until I went that route. Erie and other common ones are not available in my area.

I have Joseph Walters for general liability and also equipment in trailer. Shelter insures the truck and trailer

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I called Joseph Walters last year, they don’t insure KY.

I had the same issue with USAA, they won’t insure trailers or commercial. So I switched everything over to Erie (even my home insurance). I’m very happy with their support so far but I have yet to make a claim.

It should be noted that with Erie they didn’t have an exclusion against roofs on my policy

Thanks, I am reluctant to leave USAA but what can you do. I have filed a claim or two with them over the years, no questions check sent. My prior insurance was not as responsive…