Insurance Prices & Workmans Comp Recommendations

I am reducing my services in favor of being able to create the best and safest work environment for my employees and looking into new insurance coverage.

I am looking at getting a new policy and JDW quoted me 2500.yr paid 100% up front and they wont let me go on ladders at all. This seems high priced for residential soft washing and commercial concrete with no roof cleanings.

I tried some local people and I am getting quotes for 5600 for up to 3 stories and ability to do roofs. The quotes for workmans comp is 4.87% per dollar paid. I have no claims or anything.

Does anyone have a good insurance provider for GL and Workmans comp.

Bro I’m Paying $21 per $100 on comp. Whose your carrier and what state are you in?

its quoted by acuity insurance for the workmans comp. i might use them and the commercial auto if progressive does not give a better rate.

also northern ohio / michigan, i do both

I just filled out a form on and it gave me a monthly rate of 208ish a month for a 1 million GL policy.

I decided to fill it out as a janitorial company that does pressure washing and it quoted me at about $70-$90 a month which is strange cause I put the percentage for pressure washing at 100%

I’d read that policy very closely. Also make sure it has care, custody and control. Without it they won’t cover anything you break or damage on the house. Unless it’s written in the policy some where else.

I am going to call that company today. As of right now it seems on par with JDW in terms of what you can and cannot do.


Next doesn’t cover roofs. At least they didn’t last year when I spoke with them. Find a local broker and let them shop for you.

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The local brokers are trying to get me to pay 5k+ for very basic coverage. I don’t get enough roofs for me to justify the risk and cost of the insurance. Next does not cover fleet washing either, which is something I may or may not get into at some point in the year.

JDW has a good policy for what I need, I just can’t justify spending 2.5k+ upfront right now while there is no work going.

I just can’t imagine paying 5k+

First year they make you pay it all up front. After that can do monthly. That’s a great rate on workers comp.Down here it’s like 6-7% for clerical help

Yeah I am seeing that I am fortunate when it comes to workmans comp. Got a quote from some place online that was $67 a month but not set up as a pressure washing company.

I use Hiscox, based out of Pennsylvania. I’m in Virginia.

I pay $977 for year

$1M general liability insurance

I was told they specialize in offer insurance for pressure washing company

Been with them for 3 years. No claims, no problems

Just picked up Workman’s Comp for $1882 per year, which I thought seemed pretty good.
For 4 employees and $1,000,000. Carrier: Benchmark Insurance Company

how did you get a set rate? workers comp is based off of payroll in NC. mines around 12 or 15k annually, not counting insurance

Yeah same here in Idaho. You give your projected employee wages for the year and you pay what your rate it. It’s state run with insurance companies listed as your agents. But I think the state sets the policy amount. I’m at I think $12.88 for every 100 in wages payed. Bu I think that’s because we do a lot of ladder work with the window cleaning portion.

As we are growing, I was guessing at employee payroll on the low side. I think I used $20k. Had a local independent agent (that I am consolidating all my insurance through) and he said that quote on WC was a REALLY good quote.

4 employees split $20k a year?