Insurance prices going way up!

Has anybody tried to renew there general liability insurance with Joe Walters latley? They are coding hood cleaning as fire suppresion now and my rates went up 2.5X, help! Does anyone have a company in texas they can share, please!

We don’t do hoods, but I do have JW ins. I will post on PWRA bb what kind of discount we got after my policy renews in May. I hope to get the 25-30% discount that was offered for PWRA members, but if I only get 10% it still covers my PWRA renewal cost:)

[MENTION=2754]John T.[/MENTION] Hey! Hope you don’t mind if I jump in. If you are a current policy holder you MUST contact Joseph D. Walters more than 60 days prior to your current policy expiring to let them know they you are a PWRA member and you want the discount. Once the company’s under writers start writing the new policy 60 days prior to the current one expiring there is no way to ensure the discount. If you do not know your renewal date please contact them immediately! Just a note so you can save more money!! :slight_smile:

Your timing is impeccable Jessica. I just got off the phone with Darla Redirecting... . They reviewed my policy which goes into affect May 27th. My savings came out to be 21% which basically pays for my PWRA coverage for the next 3 yrs.

Like Jessica states, make sure you call more then 60 days in advance to get your PWRA discount.

Also to make this clear. My savings is every year, so technically I’ll save multiple PWRA membership fee’s every year.:cool::cool::cool:

[MENTION=2754]John T.[/MENTION] Awesome!! So glad you got some sweet savings! :slight_smile: