Insurance Policies Canceled?

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Yes, we have done insurance required cleanings. We have not seen any cancelleations, but usually deal with people that have received notice well in advance that their policy will not be renewed if the roof is not cleaned or replaced.

We have done several cleanings due to home owners receiving cancellation notices.

I have done many roof cleaning for Ins. reasons. I got a call this morning from a HO that said his ins. co. wants him to get his house washed or cancel the policy.

Chris, can I put that video on my website?


Im wondering if there is anyway to hook up with insurance companies on this… Kinda like a vendors list.

I asked my insurance agent to refer me when he had people that needed roof cleaning

got it, thanks

Does anyone know the name of the insurance company doing this?

We’ve also done many of these.

What did he say?

I wonder how many of these happen each year… Seems like a great potential…

I believe that the agents that sell the policies are sometimes pretty far removed from the servicing end of things. I was once an insurance investigator/clandestine inspector and all of our assignments came from headquarters with very little if any local involvement…

Local insurance office friend just called me and needs 6-7 roof quotes done for his clients. I’m ok with that…

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Most of the people that get these letters call their agent to ask about the letters. That’s how the local guys get involved.

Sounds like a promising source of leads if you work it right and have an “in”.