Insurance cancel over dirty roofs

Hey Fatdaddy. What’s your first name?

Don’t feel the need to defend yourself online man. We’re all basically strangers at the end of the day and it sounds like you’ve built a damn fine life for yourself. That’s something to be proud of.

Not to mention raising what sound like incredibly smart and successful kids. You’re making good on a life of hard work. Keep up the good work!


ha well i have always hated I was not smart did not do good in school, we were poor, i smoked alot of dope dope, used to do bad things… But I did work Mom had to have some help got my first pay check and have had a pay check ever week since i was 14 yeas old. Did meet a smart woman who got a hold of this big root and she married me 40 years ago.
I know i should not be even posting on here showing my azz how not smart i am. Most over look me have their own faults but some don’t they want to be little you… Thanks for your words.


@Fatdaddy. Man I’m not trying tp belittle you. My comment about not lying wasn’t directed at you. It is meant for the contractors that approach insurance companies and customers with scare tactics. I don’t care how smart you are or aren’t. I don’t care about your spelling. I got fat fingers and misspell on this phone. I have a hard time follwing your train of thought. If no one else does then it’s just me. My wife won’t let me on the computer at home and i don’t even have one at my shop. This forum is my take my mind from work outlet. I like being on here. My dad said a man should only work half days. The first half or last half. I usually put in a few more than that. Don’t let some young 50 year old ruffle your feathers lol. Cheers to you.


Young guns like @Innocentbystander can be such assholes on the internet.

I dont know what’s becoming of the youth of today… but they’ll get their comeuppance one day. Mark my wrinkly words!

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