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I was out making sales calls last week and at a local restaurant the manager said she had someone doing the sidewalks but said they needed their kitchen floor cleaned. She said the nearest company that does it is in Nola which is 2 hours away. Has anyone done kitchen floors? I’m assuming recovery equipment is needed. What are things to watch out for? Is it really worth getting into? These are the things I think about while trying to fall asleep :sleeping:

I did carpet cleaning for alittle bit (grandpas new business idea) its not bad and good money to be made but he started doing gas station floors and restaurants and it sucked. Alot of places had drains for water but alot of them are slightly uphill… And you have to squeegee the water up and in it. Keeping a hose out of the way in tight spot are a pain too so you need a extra hand at times also alot of times they have all the grills and heavy stuff in a line on one wall some times all the water goes under then and you have to squeegee the water from under them to a drain across the room…maybe he was ill equipped but i disnt enjoy helping him with thst at all lol.

We do them every night, there’s two ways:

  1. You apply a degreaser and scrub everything, move everything on wheels, then rinse with hot water and a garden hose, squeegee after, put everything back.
  2. Apply mild degreaser (otherwise the vacuum will foam up), then move, sweep, and scrub everything (specially edges), run SC about 800 psi, squeegee, put everything back.

we have a specific portable tile cleaning machine which is an electric p.w., a SC with vacuum capabilities, and a vacuum that automatically discharges into a drain.

Number one can be done by one person, number two should be done by two people.

What stinks is that you gotta work at night. Nothing to watch out for in particular i think, other than the floors being slippery and there’s sharp edges everywhere, careful with wires, don’t break anything. The thing is you’re there to clean what their employees won’t, so do a good job, bring a scraper for yummy corner grime


Thanks. I’m wondering if it’s worth getting into

Up to you, you can make money anywhere, daytime residential or night time commercial, the key to commercial is recurring, if you can get them to hire you on a recurring basis then it’s good steady scheduled income,if it’s random jobs here and there it’s emergency or one time stuff, super dirty floors.

What jobs you do depends on your company vision

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I’ve always done mostly flat work but there seems to be a demand for kitchen cleaning. How long does it usually take to do an average kitchen like ocharleys or Logan’s. That’s the type I’d be going after. What type of recovery system are you using

Not familiar with those chains, but you’re looking at 2 to 4 hours
No reclaim dump into toilet or kitchen drain, unscrew cover, drop in hose


Thanks for the info.

No problem

I can see where there’s the opportunity to make good money at it but I am trying not to spread myself to thin. It is something to think about

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Hey, got my first opportunity at a kitchen floor locally, I have all the equipment but bidding these is new to me, the sqft isn’t much so what’s your best way of bidding these if you would share some info I would greatly appreciate. I don’t want to over bid and most importantly is I don’t want to lose money

I’m in central Florida, so we may not get as much as other folks in other states, but you’re looking at something in the two hundreds or four hundreds, two guys working.
If it’s small maybe in the 200s, do a really good job, bring a puty knife for stuck on gunk. You’ll be there longer than you wish.
You could add a fee to the first clean, but restaurant folks are used to cheap labor so your presentation must be super commercial professional, so that they’re confident in investing into a good company.

I’m on the FL east coast also and yes tons of work around here. I appreciate the info, I bid it at $400. Figured after materials and labor. Me and a worker will be there roughly 4-6 hours tops I’m assuming. They are wanting it cleaned for new grout.

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