Insecticide stains

An ant extermination company called us to remove stains from their insecticide (Dragnet) that left streaks on their customer’s vinyl siding. It’s on the south (oxydized) sides. I washed with housewash mix first to remove other stuff (spiderwebs etc) then tried: degreasers, then cleansol bc. They light up but are still there. Any ideas?

Call pest company and have them spray the whole side of that home.

It looks like their pesticide “ate through” the oxidation and perhaps you just need to finish removing the rest of the oxidation.

Edit: nvm, I just went back and reread your post to see where you’ve already tried oxidation removal. Back to the idea of having the pest company spraying the whole side evenly to make it match!

I’ve seen that from time to time. I’ve never done more than wash as normal, tell the customer to call the pest company. It’s something in their mix, see it every year though……

Are these before pics. House still dirty. How did you use the Cleansol? You do any scrubbing or wiping. Give some details

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Yes, they’re “before” pics. I tried 1 part cleansol and 3 parts water, up to almost 50/50. Lots of scrubbing.

Magic eraser on brush on pole!


Just toss a few in the buffer tank & sell that pole on Craigslist.

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I don’t mind scrubbing when it’s priced accordingly!

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Way to keep trying! What made you think of trying the magic eraser?

I own a pest control company as well as a pressure washing outfit.

Note to pest control techs - don’t use a product that claims a “long residual”, or add a sticker to it and spray it at a house. This is what happens.

Pay attention to the label and the weather. Most products will be rain fast in a few hours without the added adjuvants. If it’s gonna piss rain, reschedule the application.

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Out of curiosity, is this because the insecticides do what the herbicides do and apply a stickier oil to the product so that it clings longer?

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I wouldn’t personally apply it to siding like this as the residual would stay up in the creases through rain, but to each their own. At that point, I’d assume it was a larger pest control company who train their employees to use everything, everywhere, all at once to reduce callbacks instead of taking a holistic approach.

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Thank you.

Not to put you on the spot, but since you do both, do you think it is the reaction the PVC is having to the oil that is causing the stain? I’m guessing it is a chemical reaction, as a degreaser would remove oil.

Thanks for investigating further, the owner said the stains came back! I’ll go take a look as soon as i can, but really out of ideas to try. Maybe steam?