Inland marine coverage


What is inland marine insurance is it essentially theft insurance or does it cover my trailer and equipment if I’m in an accident…


Why ask that here? Google it or ask your agent.


It covers your equipment. It’s relatively inexpensive. I think mine runs about$25 per month


Just know you need it.


Got my insurances token care of commercial auto inland and gl


Inland covers equipment not the trailer.
Not worth it unless u have over 10k on equipment if you ask me


That’s not really the best advice. When I first started and just had my truck and plow I added inland. Plow was 8k but being new and not able to afford it if it was damaged or stolen a no brainer. Yes if you have a $500 washer and just throw hose in the bed of your truck I can see it being a waste. I would say if you have less than 2k in equipment then pass but 10k is a big hit.


In my case not worth it.
Might be state by state.
My ins told me that my equipment coverage is up to 10k, if i wanted over 10k then it will turn onto inland marine and that serial numbers are needed for all equipment.


You can make your own serial numbers, they don’t have to be assigned by anyone. Inland marine helped me big time when my shop flooded. It didn’t cover everything but it kicked in about 30K for tools, welders etc. That, and other policies helped lessen the hit of losing about $200k over night with no flood insurance available.


I agree. Inland marine ins is a must have. I would not want to just whip out another 30+ grand in equipment because of an incident.