Injector spring missing?

So, I was in the middle of cleaning a big driveway with the whisper wash… I have been doing a section, then post treating, move on to the next section and post treat again. Even some pre treating. Somehow, halfway through the job, my chemical stopped coming out? I used this new injector maybe 5 times… so I used a needle to push in the injector to see if the ball was stuck, but it wasn’t, I took it apart and my spring was gone? Where the hell could it have gone? I’m a little lost on how I was doing just fine and then all of a sudden stop pulling soap to find out my spring disappeared. Has anyone ran into this before? Never happened to me in the past. Now I’m worried it’s sitting in my line or ball valve or tip somewhere…

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This is a fixed injector from bob at pressure tek. I’ve bought these before all the time…

I had one get stuck in the injector orifice. It won’t hurt anything down line

Ok cool. Anyway to get it out? Or just toss it.

That spring was in the air out of your gun instantly probably

You can rebuild it for $7. I find that the spring quality vary from the same brand and model injectors. Luck of the draw. Even the rebuild kits some seem to last longer then others