Injector fixed thanks guys

Installed the new injector today from Southside equipment. Went form the 44-1 ratio to a 10-1 ratio.

Put the snotmenade in the mix and re tried the house that I failed on… The dirt was bleeding down the vinyl… I dropped to my knees and shouted to the pressure washing God’s “hallelujah!!” I cried tears of joy then proceeded with my day.

Thanks to you PWRA


Good job! Hopefully everything is up from here!

Always keep a spare ready to go. Once you use it it a few times you’ll recognize if it stops pulling well. Just be sure to flush it on your final rinse and should last awhile.

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Thanks racer I’m going to order a spare now acctually. Never really thought about that, even if it only takes three days to get here that’s three days of cancelled jobs if it does go.


What kind of injector did you buy

I called up Russ from southside equipment and gave him my pressure washer information and he sent me one! I think its called a high draw injector 2-3 gpm

Must make sacrifices to the Powerwash gods! :grin: