Injector broke off - Help!


While using my pressure washer, I noticed a sudden drop in pressure. I noticed high-pressure water was coming out just below the hex nut of the chemical injector (I’m assuming it had a crack) so I turned off the engine and discharged the pressure, then I tried to unscrew the chemical injector, but the brass fitting sheared off - with the bottom still threaded in. I have found a replacement fitting, but now I need to get the old part unthreaded from the manifold without the hex piece. Basically, it’s a hollow threaded tube that is screwed in that I need to remove. I tried a screw extractor, but it was just stripping the brass since its a soft metal. Any ideas of how I can get it out? These arent reverse threaded or anything are they?


I would try using a punch. Try and catch it on where the brass is a little higher and tap it with a hammer. You want to position it to where it’ll unscrew when tapping. Don’t hit it too hard. I’d also spray it down with some Kroil or something in case the threads have a little corrosion.

Auto Zone bolt extractor set. $10

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Take a heat gun to it to loosen it up prior to any method.

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You gotta tappity tap tap the extractor in with brass. Just be careful not to break anything, and once it grabs be careful, it will grab tight in brass once it does. A couple nice taps with a ball peen and you shouldn’t have any trouble. Use the style @Steve showed, not the square ones, no bueno.

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5 pound hammer and order a new washer



If your doing this as a business get yourself a new solid washer (not Troy built).

Three house washes and the machine pays for itself.

If you fix that thing, it will just be something else the next day.

Thanks all - I’ll put some penetrating oil on it, heat it up with a heat gun, loosen it with a punch, then try the bolt extractor again. I’ll report back if I have any luck. Thanks for the advice!

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Not a punch, you need to drive the extractor into the brass fittings a lil bit to get it to bite.

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And if I may add, put a wood block underneath so you don’t crack the injector pounding on it with a hammer.